have u seen the new SIGG bottle design?
I can tell you they are amazing!

*super light
*amazing colors
*no leaking
*convenient size

check SIGG for more info
and dont forget to visit their INSTAGRAM page and vote for my photo
here >>>>>>>>>

As you may all know plastic is not the best thing to use if we want to make this world a better place… I watched several videos about plastic bottles in the ocean and many other disgusting places.. and eventhough we make such an amazing job with recycling PET, GLAS & ALU in SWITZERLAND there are places where people are not aware of the affect to the nature.. plastic in the ocean, washed into tiny pieces which you find in fish and birds and in the end human eat the fish and it ends up in our tummies… #notcool – take a minute and check these videos and reconsider buying plastic bottles when you can use something more sustainable instead.

SAY NO TO <PET> and help making this world a better place!

vice garbage island docu
plastic polution

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