#1 “Ruby Woo” lipstick matte

#2 Prep & Prime Natural Radiance Base Visage

#3 Mineralize Concealer

#4 Mineralize Rich “All Out Gorgeous”

#5 Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

#6 Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

this month it will be all about BEAUTY PRODUCT BESTSELLERS previously I have showed you the Bestellers of L’Occitane and The Body Shop and today I am going to show you the Bestsellers of M.A.C cosmeticsc.

red lips, I looove red lips, ergo I also love red lipsticks and my favourite red lipstick is one of the Besteller products by M.A.C#1 “Ruby Woo” lipstick – a wonderful matte red. My third step of my skin routine in the morning is to apply primer, of course not every day but when I ll be out all day or if I have a photoshooting I use the #2 Prep & Prime Natural Radiance Base Visage – it makes my skin very even and leaves a perfect base for my foundation. After applying foundation I use concealer around my nose and on the red parts of my cheeks (couperose) – #3 Mineralize Concealer is the bestselling concealer by M.A.C and I can only use it around my cheeks and nose as it is too dry for under my eyes. I tried it several times but it always leaves very thin dry lines around my eyes.. and ofcourse I dont like that 🙂 so if you have rather oily skin around your eyes I would totally recommend this concealer. aaaww, the #4 Mineralize Rich lipstick in the shade “All Out Gorgeous” is sooo pretty!! I can not get enough of this color. As many of you might know I am a huge fan of bright lips so I totally agree with all the other ladies who make this product a bestseller.  Do you use powder foundation? #5 Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation will be your favourite, I am sure about that. Personally I prefere to use liquid foundation as I dont like a too matte powdery finish on my dry skin. but I love to use it to set my bright lipsticks. An all time favourite of mine is the #6 Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder. I use it every day to set my foundation.


please take a moment and answer these questions – I am very curious what you think about M.A.C products. Leave a comment below or answer it directly via @tumblr

so which is your favorite product by M.A.C?
do you use any of the BESTSELLERS above?
which is your favorite product out of the BESTSELLERS above?


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