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In addition to presentations by 47 of the world’s most prestigious design galleries, ten Curio installations, ten Design at Large projects, and the culminating presentations from the three Swarovski Designers of the Future award winners, Design Miami Basel 2018 presents six Satellites & Collaborations, seven Design Talks, and more.


CALVIN KLEIN’s first installation at Design Miami Basel 2018 presents a unique vision of an expansive international landscape, as interpreted by Chief Creative Officer, Raf Simons, featuring an authentic American barn and a showcase of limited edition Cassina Feltri armchairs with upholstery selected by Mr. Simons. An admirer of Gaetano Pesce’s work, Mr. Simons approached Cassina about initiating what he refers to as a “cultural correspondence.”
The result is a selection of 100 numbered Feltri armchairs in which CALVIN KLEIN house codes are applied to the armchair’s interior upholstery.
The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, in collaboration with SFA Advisory and Southern Guild, presents a project of collectible design pieces by renowned South African designer Porky Hefer. Drawing attention to the foundation’s dedication to the long-term health and well-being of all Earth’s inhabitants by supporting projects that build climate resiliency, protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, and restore balance to threatened ecosystems and communities, Hefer created five large-scale, functional, and sculptural designs of endangered species: orangutan, polar bear, sloth, blue whale, and great white shark. Visitors are invited to sit in, on, and around these friendly sculptural creatures, igniting a sense of empathy as the stories of the animals’ hardships and the importance of their survival to our own lives are recounted through interaction, video, and text.

DESIGN MIAMI BASEL 2018Limited edition Feltri by Gaetano Pesce for Cassina with vintage quilts selected by Raf Simons for CALVIN KLEIN/ Porky Hefer and Endangered Orangutan/ Porky Hefer, 2018/ Courtesy of Southern Guild & SFA Advisory. Photo by Antonia Steyn

Stuart Parr presents selections from his collection of classic 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s Italian motorcycles and cars in the following three categories. The Mini: These small but versatile vehicles have a top speed of about 60 mph from the rear-mounted, mostly two-cylinder engines. They were and still are the ultimate beach car and, for Fiat founder Gianni Agnelli, a perfect fit for his yacht. The Mighty: The magnificent Iso Grifo designed at Bertone by Giorgetto Giugiaro is equipped with powerful Chevrolet Corvette engines, ensuring reliability and autostrada speeds upwards of 140 mph, making it one of the world’s fastest production cars at the time––Italian beauty, American muscle. The Moto: Italian motorcycles were born on the track. Their story has been inscribed on the most famous racing tracks in the world.
The Collectors Lounge at DESIGN MIAMI BASEL 2018, presented by ETEL and designed by Superluna, is a space where collectors and members can enjoy a drink from the Perrier-Jouët bar, and relax in an atmosphere designed to mirror a domestic environment filled with pieces rich in Brazil’s contemporary themes and history. Curated with selected pieces from ETEL’s collection of contemporary design and re-editions of iconic modern Brazilian design, the entire Lounge structure is covered with textile panels, creating a frame for an intimate space.

DESIGN MIAMI BASEL 2018Dinamarquesa Armchair/ Zalszupin/ Courtesy of ETEL/ The Mini, The Mighty, and The Moto / 1973, Iso Grifo 5.8 Litre Series II Coupe/ Courtesy of Stuart Parr Collection


François Halard, renowned interior and architectural photographer and this year’s curator of Design at Large, created a graphic identity specially for Design Miami/ Basel that explores the concept of time, encouraging visitors to shift their focus to design’s defining details, materials, and expressions. His blurred and distorted photographs, seen throughout Design Miami Basel’s branding, create ethereal images that appear to be on the verge of focusing. These images evoke a sense of slowing down, encouraging fairgoers to unplug from their bustling everyday lives, step away from social media addictions, and shift their perspective of time, immersing themselves fully in their first-hand experience of the fair.


Artek and Vitra return to Design Miami/ Basel this edition and will be providing the furniture for the Design Talks Theater, Media Lounge as well as Nook Café. Attendees can expect to see furniture designed by some of today’s leading designers including Konstantin Grcic’s Stool-Tool (Vitra) at our Design Talks Theater and classics of modern design by Alvar Aalto and Ilmari Tapiovaara (Artek) at our media lounge.


Preview Day/ By invitation only Monday, June 11
Collectors Preview/ 12–5pm Vernissage/ 5–7pm
Public Show Days
Tuesday, June 12/ 10am–8pm Wednesday, June 13/ 10am–8pm Thursday, June 14/ 10am–7pm Friday, June 15/ 10am–7pm
Saturday, June 16/ 11am–7pm Sunday, June 17/ 11am–7pm


My dears, I am pregnant, just in case you did not know. 27 weeks in already. Time is flying.. Today I wanna share with you my 10 PREGNANCY MUST HAVES. Also I have checked the code check app for the ingredients of each product. https://codecheck.info The app is for free and is available via google play store and itunes. And just FYI this post is not sponsored. 🙂 Now lets start with my favorite 10 items.


WELEDA – almond sensitive lotion
Did you get a chance to smell this product? awww, it smells so good. I am a huge fan of the Weleda almond beauty line. No surprise that I love using their body lotions too. I got this from my friend Jessy for my birthday. Thank you dear. So nice of you! I use this lotion whenever I am not using any of my other oils. Preferably in the morning when I am a bit in a hurry, since this lotion is being absorbed way faster than my oils. (code check rating: all green = no concerns identified)


THERME EDUARD VOGT – mint cooling spray for feet and legs
It is a hot summer this year and being pregnant, aka being bigger and heavier does not help at all. I suffer from hot and swollen feet and legs and this product gives me an instant relief. Perfect for on the go. It can be also used over stockings, compression hosiery. (code check rating: 3/4 green 1 high concern, 1 significant concern, 5 low concern, 8 no concern identified)
BI-OIL – purCellin oil
This bugger is another present I got from a dear friend. She swears by this product and has used it thru out her pregnancy and does not have any scars or stretch marks. A good reason to give this oil a try. I use it whenever I am not using my other oils. Honestly, all of the oils feel great and leave my skin moisturized. In the end I believe its all about that you are using oils or lotions every day and night. And for sure its also slightly genetic how your skin is going to react to pregnancy. So far so good and my morning and night routine are paying off. (code check rating: 2 high concern, 2 significant concern, 6 low concern, 10 no concern identified)


SIMILASAN – inca inchi body oil
I started off with that oil, simply because it was one that I have already had. Similasan have great products and I am a big fan of their globulis. More infos >> here This oil has a quiet distinct sweet smell and leaves the skin nicely nourished and soft. (code check rating: all green = no concerns identified)
CLARINS – bust beauty extra lift gel
The boobs, oh dear, they have trippled in size and get bigger every day. Or at least that’s how I feel 🙂 In order to keep them in shape I am using this gel on a daily base. I love the firming feeling. Before that I was using the Sensai by Kanebo throat and bust lifting effect cream.  An awesome product, maybe even a tick better than the Clarins Gel, BUT that cream is just way too expensive. I am not willing to spend 130 CHF on a bust cream that lasts me for about 2-3 months. I got the Clarins Gel at Manor when they had an extra 20% discount and ended up paying around 55 CHF which is still not cheap but way less than the other cream. (no code check rating!)


BURTS BEES MAMA BEE – leg and foot cream
Another awesome product that I got as a present for my birthday from a dear friend. Thank you so much Miriam 🙂 I use this cream regularly on my feet before going to bed. An instantly cooling cream with a lovely peppermint scent. (code check rating: 1 high concern, 23 no concern identified)


WELEDA – pregnancy body oil
I love me some oils and can not believe how nice and thoughtful my friends are 🙂 I got this oil from my friend Salome. Thank you so much again! Weleda has so many great products. Like the almond lotion I am also a huge fan of the pregnancy oil. Its not the fastest absorbing oil but great for when you have a bit more time. I use this oil before going to bed, not only on my bump but all over my body. I gotta say that out of all my oils I like this one the best. (code check rating: 3 low concern, 4 no concern identified)
MÜLLER – jojoba oil
I heard so many women saying that jojoba oil is one of the best oils to use during pregnancy. Just like the one by Similasan I happened to have this oil already and really loved using it. I have actually used this whole buttle up and since I got so many nice oils and creams for my birthday I did not feel the need to repurchase it. Nevertheless this is an awesome oil. Very natural, containing only jojoba oil. Unfortunately there is no code check rating for this oil. But basically it is just pure jojoba oil, so I assume that there are no concerns to identify.


WELEDA – Venadoron gel for heavy and tired legs
This one is doing such a great job. I use it every night, all over my legs in a very light upwards motion. I really am trying to prevent varicose and therefore I am also wearing compression hosieries. I got a pair in black and a pair in beige, both of them stay ups. I can really feel a difference on the days where I am wearing them and therefore I almost wear them every day. Especially on these very hot days. So every night when I take them off I use this Venadoron gel all over my legs and keep my legs up the wall for at least 15 minutes. I can highly recommend doing that when you suffer from heavy and tired legs during pregnancy. (code check rating: 2 low concern, 10 no concern identified)


CLARINS – stretch mark minimizer
And last but not least I wanna introduce a cream to you. Hence the name it is against stretch marks. BUT it can also be used to prevent stretch marks. I already have some stretch marks from growing on the outside of my thighs and in fact the cream reduces the appearance of them. I have had this happen with a product by VICHY before. The thing is once you stop the stretch marks reappeared. 🙂 Nevertheless, this is a good way to moisture your bump and for sure something that absorbs a bit faster than an oil. Another really nice thing about Clarins is that they give out a really cute book about staying beautiful during pregnancy. There they share very helpful tips on how to massage the baby bump and some simple exercises to stay healthy. (code check rating: 6 significant concern, 7 low concern, 16 no concern identified)
These were my “10 Pregnany Must Haves” and I hope this post was helpful in case you are looking for creams or oils to use during pregnancy. It is crazy how fast time flew by and that I am already in my last trimester. The first three months I was dealing with serious skin issues on my back and face but luckily never had nausea. I am dealing with severe weight gain 🙂 but I hope that once our baby is born my weight will get back to normal. We will see. Until then I have to put up with my maternity clothes and a few summer dresses that still fit me. I have found some really nice pieces via zalando. Just in case you are looking for some stylish maternity clothes.


Another thing that really helps me is to go to YOGA regularly. In the beginning I went up to 4 times a week and now with the heat I go twice a week. Moving the body is a great way to prepare for labour. But let me tell you, I can really feel that I am carrying some extra weight with me. That was it for today, I am sending lots of kisses to all my pregnant readers out there and would love to hear about your favorite creams and oils. X


hypnosis and what it did to me


hypnosis and what it did to me
The term “hypnosis” comes from the ancient Greek word ὕπνος hypnos, “sleep”, and the suffix -ωσις -osis, or from ὑπνόω hypnoō, “put to sleep” (stem of aorist hypnōs-) and the suffix -is. Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. The term may also refer to an art, skill, or act of inducing hypnosis.
Theories explaining what occurs during hypnosis fall into two groups. Altered state theories see hypnosis as an altered state of mind or trance, marked by a level of awareness different from the ordinary conscious state. In contrast, nonstate theories see hypnosis as a form of imaginative role enactment. During hypnosis, a person is said to have heightened focus and concentration. The person can concentrate intensely on a specific thought or memory, while blocking out sources of distraction. Hypnotised subjects are said to show an increased response to suggestions.
Hypnosis is usually induced by a procedure known as a hypnotic induction involving a series of preliminary instructions and suggestion. The use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposes is referred to as “hypnotherapy”, while its use as a form of entertainment for an audience is known as “stage hypnosis”. Stage hypnosis is often performed by mentalists practicing the art form of mentalism.
That’s what I have found via wikipedia.org https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnosis

hypnosis and what it did to me

I guess we all have heard about hypnosis and have seen it in films or like described in the last paragraph on stage to entertain audience. A lot of people see it as something dark or something that is being used to manipulate people and that is why I want to share my very personal experience with hypnosis with all of you.
There are many reasons to get involved with hypnosis, be it to loose weight, get rid of stage freight or other phobias or the general need to relax ones body and mind. In my case I was very interested in the last mentioned one. A deep form of relaxation is exactly what I needed and got from my hypnosis experience.
I went in and had very little expectations about what is going to happen and only had the sketchy visuals from the movies or cartoons where people stare on to black and white rotating patterns that make them dizzy and fall asleep. So I had no idea what to expect and I think that was a very good thing.
So when I had my appointment I first had a very nice chat with Nadia and we were talking about my over all well being, what is present in my life and what I want from my hypnosis session. As I have already told you my goal was to relax my body and mind deeply. We were ready to start and that meant that I had to lay down on her bed and was covered with blankets. In the state of hypnosis the body cools down and therefor it is very important to keep yourself warm and comfortable.
hypnosis and what it did to me
She started to play relaxing music and took me on a visual journey that left all my thoughts and worries behind and that let me focus on only what she was saying.  That was a life changing experience and somehow it felt more like a form of meditation. Nadia’s soothing voice has brought me to a deep state of relaxation. It was unbelievable that I was on one side very aware of what was happening, meaning I was still listening to her voice and what she was saying but on the other hand I was far far away almost floating on clouds and being close to dreaming and dozing off.
The wonderful thing for me was that I lost the feeling of time, I had no idea for how long I was laying there, if it were 20 minutes or one and a half hours. This felt so good. The same way you are being led into hypnosis you are also brought out of it, very conscious. It feels good to still lay down with open eyes for a couple of minutes after being released from the state of hypnosis.
I have felt so light and wonderful after my hypnosis session. What a wonderful experience with such a huge benefit for my body and mind. I really want to go back to that place where Nadia took me, that place where I was as light as a feather, very relaxed and calm. When ever I have a stressful day I try to take myself back to that place. Something that is not very easy to do and does not always work.
Now that I have dropped the word meditation I also want to share with you the definition I have found via wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meditation
Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself.
The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force (qi, ki, prana, etc.) and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness. A particularly ambitious form of meditation aims at effortlessly sustained single-pointed concentration meant to enable its practitioner to enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being while engaging in any life activity.
The word meditation carries different meanings in different contexts. Meditation has been practiced since antiquity as a component of numerous religious traditions and beliefs. Meditation often involves an internal effort to self-regulate the mind in some way. Meditation is often used to clear the mind and ease many health concerns, such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. It may be done sitting, or in an active way—for instance, Buddhist monks involve awareness in their day-to-day activities as a form of mind-training. Prayer beads or other ritual objects are commonly used during meditation in order to keep track of or remind the practitioner about some aspect of that training.
Meditation may involve generating an emotional state for the purpose of analyzing that state—such as anger, hatred, etc.—or cultivating a particular mental response to various phenomena, such as compassion. The term “meditation” can refer to the state itself, as well as to practices or techniques employed to cultivate the state.
Meditation may also involve repeating a mantra and closing the eyes. The mantra is chosen based on its suitability to the individual meditator. Meditation has a calming effect and directs awareness inward until pure awareness is achieved, described as “being awake inside without being aware of anything except awareness itself.” In brief, there are dozens of specific styles of meditation practice, and many different types of activity commonly referred to as meditative practices.

hypnosis and what it did to me

On that topic I want to share Nadia’s newest thing: the new moon meditation evenings for women.  At TRANSFORMATON COACHING at Rebgasse 28 in 4058 Basel.
You can read more about what Nadia is doing on her web pages:
In case you have any questions or you feel the need to experience hypnosis for yourself give her a call: +41 79 507 02 92 or drop her a line via info@transformation-coaching.com
Here are the dates for the new moon meditation evenings for women:
  • 26.4.2017
  • 25.5.2017
  • 24.6.2017
  • 23.7.2017
  • 21.8.2017
  • 20.9.2017
  • 19.10.2017
  • 18.11.2017
  • 18.12.2017
contribution towards expenses are a minimum of 10 CHF.
I hope my blog post was helpful and informative. I will attend the new moon meditation for women evenings and it would be nice to see some of you there too. I wish you all a very calm and relaxed spring day. X



Today I wanna share a very simple body scrub DIY with all of you. Something that is done super easy and can be changed in many ways. Now lets see what you need inorder to make these body scrubs. I made two different scrubs, one with coffee and one with lemons and oranges.
things you need
sea salt
coconut oil
mason jars


step one:
In this DIY I show you how I made the coffee body scrub. Take some coffee grounds and mix it with 2 tabelspoons of coconut oil. In case your coffee grounds is still warm then you dont have to heat the coconut oil, if not I would suggest to heat it up a bit.


step two:
Add three tablespoons of normal table salt and six tablespoon of sea salt. Mix everything. And that was it. Super easy and simple. It only takes three steps and it is a great way to recycle coffee grounds.
How to make the orange and lemon body scrub:
For the lemon and orange body scrub you start with the normal and sea salt. Then you grate the peel of a lemon and orange. Squeeze the juice of the lemon and orange and mix it with the salt. Then add the coconut oil and mix everything. Again, thats all I did for this second scrub.
I use the scrubs two to three times a week after washing my body. The most amazing thing about these scrubs is, that you dont have to use any body lotion. The coconut oil totally does that job. The scrubs leave your skin super soft and especially in winter our skin can need some extra pampering.
I made these scrubs so many times and I love how simple it is. There are many ways to change them. Instead of coconut oil one could add massage oils or any other scented oils. Or you could add some fresh vanilla to the coffee scrub in order to make it a tad sweeter. The best parts about these scrubs are that you dont end up with any plastic trash and you save lots of money. Coconut oil, salt, lemons and oranges are quiet affordable and easy to find. So I would love to hear from you. Did you make any scrubs? If so, what did you use?
where to eat in bucharest and brasov


Holidays in Romania, we did it again. This time we started with Bucharest, where we have spent the New Years Eve, and then travelled to Brasov to see C’s family. We visited and saw so many nice things to share with you.

where to eat in bucharest and brasov

Like last year, we ate very very well in Romania. I am a Vegetarian and C is a Pescetarian. The dishes you can see below are all without meat. 🙂 Now lets have a look at what we liked.
A3, Bucharest
A3 is the former A1, a great place to start your day, have a snack or meet your friends for an afterwork drink. I am in love with their bucket fries, literally a bucket full of fries. Another dish that I have ordered several times in the last week was the Baby Spinach Salad with Apple. Mmmmhhmmm, absolutely delicious.
where to eat in Bucharest and Brasov
SHIFT PUB, Bucharest
A cozy, beautiful bistro on a quiet street in the heart of the city. Thats what they say about themselves on their website. And I can only agree with that. Indeed a very cozy place. So far I have only been in Romania in Winter so I never had the chance to eat outside in the beautiful garden. But fingers crossed to hopefully visit Bucharest in Summer too.
where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov
where to eat in bucharest and brasov
PRATO, Brasov 
An elegant, rather posh place to eat with delicious starters and pasta dishes. Of course I can only speak for myself 🙂 but thats what I liked to eat there. The Avocado Tartar starter is definetely something to try. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo but I can show you the Pasta and sides dishes we had.
where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov
This place has opened quiet recently and is a real game changer for Brasov. Hands down, these were one of the best house made pasta I have ever had. The interior design of the rather small but cozy place is very simple, with a touch of shabby chic. The restaurant is a family run business and one can really feel that when eating there. There is an open kitchen which I personally love. Watching the chef prepare your food is a really nice thing.

where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov

Like last year it was cold and snowing so we had some warming teas, hot chocolates and snacks at the Bistro de l’Arte. A rather dark  and old interior which brings you back to the last centuries and lets you relax and enjoy your stay. I loved the sweet pea soup. Something I can honestly recommend to try.
where to eat in bucharest and brasov
so, that was it from my first blogpost about Romania and also my first post for 2017. I hope it was helpful and inspiring. Let me know which places are your favorites. X


Have you ever thought about how to bring a bit of summer with you into autumn? If yes, I
have the perfect outfit inspiration for you. As autumn should be the perfect transition from summer to winter it should also work like that with our clothes. I always push the day far into the end of fall, to finally move all my summer clothes to the end of my closet. That’s how I came up with the idea of this blog post: HOW TO WEAR A SUMMER DRESS IN AUTUMN.
Choose your favorite midi length summer dress and pair it with your favorite long sweater. I found mine at C&A its available in many colors. I figured the green one will work best with my favorite dresses and is also a great color for fall.


To make this look a casual one for every day wear flat shoes. I think these looks work best with either loafers or brogues. Via Polyvore I found some nice shoes, together with some really chic metallic spaghetti strap dresses and extra long sweaters.


I am so in love with these metallic dresses. I have a very similar skirt and I am sure I am going to pair it with my new long sweater by C&A. Something that you should keep in mind is to have a very simple color scheme for your summer dress to work in fall. My summer dress is a beige lace dress and I chose a green long sweater to wear it with and a light clutch and shoes.



I love the fact that my long sweater has cuts on the side and is made out of wool. Here in Basel fall can be quiet cold and layering is a good way to keep warm. So, check your wardrobe and dont be afraid that the dress might be too chic. The long sweater and the flat shoes will totally balance out your midi summer dress.

dress LOVE, FIRE
long sweater C&A
shoes/earrings H&M
clutch MIU MIU
sunglasses VINTAGE (fleamarket)


Try to keep it a bit low key with your jewelry, especially when your dress has a special textured fabric. Like in my case with the beige lace. In order to not go over board but still have a bit of chic I would suggest a nice women watch and some very simple but cute earrings. Unfortunately I could not find the exact same earrings that I was wearing in the photo above, but I guess they are quiet similar. The sunglasses are from the fleamarket and work really well with the outfit and jewelry overall.

To sum it up, in order to create this look you need three essential things to make it work. You are going to need a midi length summer dress, a long sweater and flat shoes. I am pretty sure that you are having all these items in your wardrobe and would have never thought to wear them in that combination. But here we go, mix and match. That’s the fun part about fashion.




For a limited time – from 15 October 2016 to 1 April 2017 – the “LUMA POP UP Steakhouse at Jonny Parker” offers selected meats in the idyllic pavilion in the St. Johanns Park. They are prepared outdoors on the legendary Green Egg ceramic grill.
The “LUMA POP UP Steakhouse at Jonny Parker” is: undescript and surprising! Only selected fresh meat from LUMA D.A.C. are grilled on the charcoal grill. Calf, beef and pork is matured with natural, noble mold fungus to reach a maximum level of delicacy. An unmistakable aroma which leads to a unique taste excitement. The gastronomic experience also includes delicious side dishes and an attractive wine offer.
All this makes the “LUMA POP UP Steakhouse at Jonny Parker” an exceptional address for a dinner with friends and family or for a special business dinner.


Annika and I arrived at the LUMA POP UP for the pre-opening on Friday, October, 14, 2016 around 7 PM. And we started our dinner night, with delicious butters and different kinds of warm buns. I really love the tiny wooden cutting board and enjoyed the small appetizer a lot. I gotta find out where I can get these cute boards. It would be perfect for butter and jam for my “sunday morning breakfasts on a tray” in bed. 🙂
Now lets have a look at the LUMA POP UP menu. The starters and the main dishes are written on black boards. A very neat idea. Annika chose: LACHS MILLE FEUILLES and the LUMA ART BEEF CUT FILET. I went for the KÜRBISCREME SUPPE and the POP UP VEGI SPECIAL.


Our greet from the kitchen was a LUMA meat ball and a vegetarian Knödel with black chanterelles. Annika loved the meat ball and my Knödel was really delicious. It was the first time I had black chanterelle – Totentrompete – a tasty mushroom. (more)
Our starters looked like that. In the first photo you can see Annika’s salmon mille feuilles with dill lemon panna cotta. Followed by my pumpkin cream soup sprinkled with truffle oil and chestnut crumbs.
Let’s have a look at our main dishes. Annika’s LUMA ART BEEF CUT FILET and my POP UP VEGIE SPECIAL. So far everything looked and tasted delicious.
Last but not least we reached the dessert. We were quiet full and decided to share something sweet. Our choice was this lovely creation below called lemon cream. Mmmmhmmm, it tasted divine.


We had a great time at the LUMA POP UP at JONNY PARKER in Basel Switzerland. And will for sure recommend it to you. The owners recommendations are the ASIAN LUMA BEEF SALAD as a starter and the LUMA PORK NECK and the LUMA BEEF BURGER. I found some interesting information on their website:
blue rare          30° C
rare                  40° C
medium rare    50° C
medium           55° C
medium well    65° C
well done         70° C
LUMA Beef Burger   Switzerland
LUMA Beef Brisket   Switzerland
LUMA Pork Neck      Switzerland
LUMA Beef Pop UP CUT  Switzerland
Black Angus Beef Rumpcap    Australia
LUMA Beef Rib Eye  Australia
LUMA Beef Filet        Australia
Salmon    Norway
You can also order LUMA meat online and have it freshly delivered to your door step. by using the promo code you can get a discount.
PROMO CODE: luma1617
LUMA pop up
St. Johanns-Park 1
4056 Basel
+41 61 560 60 02
OPEN FROM 15.10.2016 – 01.04.2017
TUE-SAT 6:30 – 11:00 PM


C&A fall winter collection 2016


C&A fall winter collection 2016
thank you C&A for taking me to Amsterdam and showing me the upcoming C&A fall winter collection 2016. with weather in june like this I feel that I am not far away from wearing fall/winter clothes and can not wait to shop my fall winter collection. the weather has been a serious nightmare with endless rain and very cool temperatures. I can not believe that it was warmer in april than it is in june. nevertheless, I wanna tell you a bit more about the presentation of the fall winter collection 2016.
the location of the event was spectacular. there was a beautiful green C&A logo in the entrance that led into a round event hall that had a black curtain drawn all around. after a quick introduction the curtain was lifted and a 360 degree fashion show with the complete fall winter collection 2016 was behind it.
C&A fall winter collection 2016
that was a wonderful surprise. we were then divided into groups and got an introduction to every collection: men, denim, lingerie, clockhouse, accessories etc. we were given tags with our name and publication title and had the possibility to give them feedback by hanging them to your favorite piece. let me tell you, there are going to be soooo many cool pieces for the fall winter collection 2016 that it was really hard to place only four cards 🙂
C&A fall winter collection 2016
the big thing of the new collection is going to be denim. there is a new collection in bio cotton with new shapes and cuts. we will see the return of flare leg, bootcut and highrise. for men there is going to be a new trend called stacked, that means that the jeans are too long and stack on the bottom. for women there will be a cropped bootcut and cropped flare cut and as already mentioned there is going to be the return of the high rise. my favorite denim pieces are the quitled indigo jacket and the bow tie blouse.
in addition to the new denim collection there is a nature inspired color palette with comfy and warm colors that give you the need to cover yourself up. inspired by the idea that nature should be part of everyday life, the fall winter collection uses organic textures and delicate feminine detailing to create beautiful pieces to wrap up warm in.
there are going to be some really cool pieces like a asymmetric poncho, a checked belted coat or the white knitted longline coat that you can see in the picture below (and in the back you can see a lady wearing the denim bow tie blouse).
C&A fall winter collection 2016
aaawww, these are my two favorite pieces, the white longline coat and the short beige faux leather jacket. and soon there will be an overview with my favorite items of the fall winter collection with inspiration on how to wear all those cool new fall winter pieces. stay tuned.
C&A fall winter collection 2016C&A fall winter collection 2016
have you been to Amsterdam before? I have been several times and have to say that it is one of my favorite european cities. we were staying at the double tree HILTON very close to the train station which was a great location to explore the city from. in case you have not read my post about AMSTERDAM click here –>
C&A fall winter collection 2016