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“The novel Anna Karenina by Tolstoi is the initial starting point of my collection. During the reading of the Tolstoi book I dipped into the luxurious wintertime of the Russian high society of the late 19th century. The opulence of the clothes from the female literary character fascinated and inspired me very much to create this winter collection. Especially the topic of the quillings and cutting interested me. As a comparison I used the functional and convenient hunting apparel from the male literary character. In doing so I really drew attention to the shapes of collars and revers. I want to fuse these male and female aspects to a contemporary collection that emanates classiness and coolness.

The products are modern in the handling and production and still have that classy touch. For me it is important to create exclusive and high-quality fashion. 
My collection consists of around 30 pieces were as the materials used are high-class wool, wool-silk and silk fabrics which are to be mixed with nappa leather.
All the fabrics used are produced solely in Europe. The collection is stocked mainly in black but supplemented by some blue parts and a print-design from the Artist Daniela Baldelli.” NINO BOLLAG WINTER COLLECTION 2011