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BUILDING A FORT β›Ί is Levi’s current favorite thing to do and I am not gonna lie, I still love it too. brings back lots of childhood memories ❀️ everyday we get more creative and build new ones . . . #happyfriday #weekend #playing #nursery #levisroom #leviinoto #blankets #curtains #childhood #childhoodmemories #fort #buildingafort #happymoments #isawsomethingnice #blogger #mom #swissmom #basel #bs #switzerland #ch #homelove

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MY SKINCARE ROUTINE @spilanthox_therapy #notsponsered . . via the @codecheck_app I scan the barcodes and find out about the ingredients. My goal is to only use things that have no harmful ingredients. already during my pregnancy I was super aware of what kind of creams I was using and was mostly @weleda_ag #skinfoodlight is still one of my all-time favorite creams but two years ago I discovered the #spilanthoxtherapy products and they became my new favorites.

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OUTSIDE // #HughChesterman King Winter sat in his Hall one day, And he said to himself, said he, β€œI must admit I’ve had some fun, I’ve chilled the Earth and cooled the Sun, And not a flower or tree But wishes that my reign were done, And as long as Time and Tide shall run, I’ll go on making everyone As cold as cold can be.” There came a knock at the outer door: β€œWho’s there?” King Winter cried; β€œOpen your Palace Gate,” said Spring β€œFor you can reign no more as King, Nor longer here abide; This message from the Sun I bring, β€˜The trees are green, the birds do sing; The hills with joy are echoing’: So pray, Sirβ€”step outside!” Poem by Hugh Chesterman

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