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MATRIX products

MATRIX Biolage Volume Bloom and MATRIX Wonder BOOST – lets do something for fine hair! And do you know what, I do got very fine hair.

The Biolage Volume Boost Shampoo and Conditioner contain cotton and no parabens. I used it for the last couple of weeks and I like to switch shampoos that means that I am always having at least 3 products standing in the shower. Like this its easier for me to directly compare the products and effects and also I feel that its better for my hair to have a change every now and then. I previously introduced some other Biolage products, click here >> and I am still using them to this very day!

What can I tell you about these products, other than that they work great for me. They smell amazing, the shampoo lathers and the conditioner makes my hair so smooth and easy to comb.

Let me introduce you to MATRIX Amplify Volume Wonder Boost Root Lifter – another great product for fine hair! How do I use this?

Use on damp hair, direct snozzle applicator close to the scalp or all over, blow dry, set or dry naturally, style as usual. Very simple but very effective! I can compare this product to the Alterna Bamboo Volume 48 hours sustainable volume spray and I can not tell you which one I like more as they both create amazing volume – they will be used up both!

available in Basel:

Steinenvorstadt 25
CH – 4051 Basel

Parallele Coiffure
Steinenvorstadt 79
4051 Basel

Have you tried these MATRIX products?



do you need inspiration? Is your closet full of clothes but you still dont know what to wear? take a moment and check my POLYVORE page or stroll thru my outfits from 2011 2012 2013 2014

I love to look back and see what I have been wearing the last couple of years. some pieces are still in my closet and some have found a new owner 🙂 what is your favorite piece? which is your favorite outfit?


todays outfit

jeans LEVI’S dc skinny jeans
ballerinas HUGO BOSS

What are you wearing today?



Carlitas Collezione


I had the best neighbour during the designbox fair in basel and I am very happy to have met lovely Carla! she designs her own bags, jackets, skirts, bikinis and jewelry – amazing stuff! thank you so much for the nice present – I love the bead bracelet you gave me! another thing I fell in love with are her lamb leather jackets – they fit perfectly and are available in different colors – my two favorites are black and pink! aaaw.. and the sequin embellished bikinis – I can not wait for hotter weather and to finally wear bikinis again!

so take a moment and visit her page here >>



“my newest things form a perfect outfit together!”

at last weeks press event in zurich I have seen the upcoming ESPRIT fall collection (aawww, so many pretty things!!) and as a little thank you we were given a giftcard. so when I had a minute I walked into the ESPRIT shop in Basel – I think this shop is by far the most beautiful shop in the whole city because of its interior and the massive stairs bringing you to the upper levels – so I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw that they were already starting with SALE – it took me 5 minutes and I had a gorgeous white silky long sleeve top and a white cotton waffle skirt and everything fit me perfectly! thank you ESPRIT!

at zalando.ch I found these gorgeous massive RAVEL heels – they look really insane but I can tell you that these shoes are way more comfortable than little stiletto heels 🙂 and because of the platform they dont feel to be so high! stay tuned for my spring summer special where I am going to show these shoes in detail!

I found this sweet white clock clutch bag at C&A in Basel – isnt is cute? I already showed you this bag here >> and it was indeed the perfect bag to visit BASEL WORLD! but not only that, I think it matches perfectly with the other items. an overall white look with a view black statements – I am ready for SPRING SUMMER 2014!

my outfit

top and skirt ESPRIT
shoes RAVEL via zalando.ch
clutch C&A



each item is below 50 CHF
netaporter sheinsidefashion

striped dress at sheinside 17 CHF

iphone 4 case by LANVIN via net-a-porter.com 40 CHF
sold out already ;(

white embellished dress at sheinside 29 CHF



at WE S TEN store (4056 Basel)

my collarnecklaces are available there aswell – so this might be the best present for your dearest man or women! check it out!

its open for you MONDAY & TUESDAY – see you there!! xx



let me tell you something about my daily skin routine

I have very sensitive skin and couperose parts on my cheeks which make me look very healthy. I was in need of a new cleanser and cream and strolled thru Manor in Basel looking for something new. And then I stopped at the KIEHLS booth and was introduced to their line for sensitive skin. CANTELLA SKIN CALMING FACIAL CLEANSER and CANTELLA RECOVERY SKIN SALVE – because I am always so curious about everything I had to buy them and see what they would do to my skin.

so I went home and tried it and really like the effect it had to my irritated redish skin. and after a couple of weeks I used the last drops of my LANCOME toner and went back to the Manor KIEHLS booth in order to check whether they have a suiting toner for me – and they did – CALENDULA HERBAL EXTRACT TONER alcohol free. Amanda, the lady who works at the KIEHLS booth checked my skin and asked me what kind of peeling/exfoliating I am using, well, because of my cuperose and sensitive skin I was not happy with the peelings I have tried so far because they often gave me a uncomfortable feeling or they made my skin look even more red. Amanda introduced me to the OVER NIGHT BIOLOGICAL PEEL which works without water. so again I went home and tried them for several days and again I was very happy with what I bought. As a thank you present I got 3 sample sizes of ROSA ARCTICA, SUPER MULTI CORRECTIVE CREAM and the SKIN RESCUER STRESS MINIMIZING DAILY HYDRATOR.

my regimen for day and night

I clean my face with the CANTELLA SKIN CALMING FACIAL CLEANSER either with water or with a damp washcloths afterwards I use the CALENDULA HERBAL EXTRACT TONER with a cotton pad and then use the CANTELLA RECOVERY SKIN SALVE or the SKIN RESCUER STRESS MINIMIZING DAILY HYDRATOR – I do that day and night – and every second night I use the OVER NIGHT BIOLOGICAL PEEL.
the products really even out my skin tone and the peeling also reduces the size of my pores – I am super happy with KIEHLS.

what do I want to check next? the MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE – I only heard good things about it and will give it a try!


my new coat

I am so happy with this gorgeous coat by SABINA JÄGER found at WESTEN store Basel. The coat is huge but thats exactly the way it should be or better said the way I want it to be. The chic cognac color makes it a passepartout and therefor fits almost every outfit. Big UP for XXL coats – I love them!

check out the WESTEN store in Basel
>> westen-store <<



<3 and I saw something nice for you!

we all know that sooner or later we will be running around town like crazy in need to find perfect presents. well, here I can help you and recommend the AESOP kits. they have 6 different kits from 70 CHF to 190 CHF and vary from face to hair and body products. so you get a very nice black box and a set of amazing products which are perfect for travelling aswell.

if this is not enough inspiration then check the video about the AESOP FUTURISMUS Seasonal Offering >> http://vimeo.com/79444915 >>

>> click here to buy them online >>

   for the people in Basel
please check

at Spalenberg 24 |
opening hours |
   Monday to Friday 10am–6:30pm
Saturday 10am–5pm
Sunday Closed
   Tel: +41 (0)61 261 40 05



Christmas is ahead – are you in the mood yet?

I received the L’OCCITANE en Provence Fleur D’Or Acacia parfum, showergel and handcream and I can tell you that I absolutely love the fragrance. A couple weeks ago I took this photo and uploaded it to my instagram and ever since I have been using the showergel everyday. So I will definitely repurchase this kit.

Incase you have not started shopping for christmas this might be a perfect idea for a beloved friend. In Basel, Switzerland the Shops will be open on Sunday this weekend – just incase you are from this area 🙂




I would be totally in the mood for this outfit right now.
mellow pastel tints mixed with grey and white! lets see if I can find something similar in my wardrobe 🙂 stay tuned!

btw – I also used this photo to update my facebook page cover photo!
have you checked me on FB yet? do it now 🙂




I am so so ready for this –
my new favourite fragrance!

one of these more wintery parfume that makes you feel like a chic italian beauty. I would describe this fragrance as very floral – oriental – sensual – with a touch of amber and lilac. what else do you need for the upcoming cold times! I am prepared 🙂

   gucci guilty set contains

30ml Eau de Toilette
   50 ml Body Lotion

for switzerland:
order today and it will
be delivered
within 24 hours!

AVAILABLE via parfumerie24.ch

you will not believe but its christmas soon – dont hesitate – order the kit!
leave me a comment below and tell me what is your favourite fragrance.
I am curious! xxx