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todays outfit

skirt ESPRIT
sunglasses C&A
todays makeUp

ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear All Day Glow BB MakeUp
CLINIQUE chubby stick 17 plumped up pink
THE BODY SHOP eyebrow kit
CHANEL poudre douce 80 peche caresse
CHANEL poudre universelle libre 50 peche
CATRICE sun glow matt bronzing powder medium skin
THE BODY SHOP cheek colour 04 golden pink


TBT #throwbackthursday

TBT – throw back thursday

wow. it has been a while. these photos are from the LÖVE IS party in December 2010 and it made me think if I should go back to dark hair like I had in the photo above. what do you think?



ESPRIT look – hello summer

finally the sun is back in Basel and I can wear my beautiful new dress that I bought some days ago at ESPRIT store in Basel. a very simple two color dress that is very comfy and quiet affordable for CHF 79.90 – I paired the dress with my new SIX sunglasses that I found at C&A, a very old brown bag that I once discovered at the fleamarket, my NAVYBOOT sandals and a pair of earrings from H&M. a very easy and casual summer outfit. dont you think so?

dress ESPRIT
sunglasses SIX via C&A
earrings H&M


vitamin e aqua boost sorbet

vitamin e aqua boost sorbet

vitamin e aqua boost sorbet by THE BODY SHOP – a cooling facial care for the warmer days of the years that provides your skin with moisture and makes it silky soft up to 24 hours. the feather-light sorbet contains minerals that help absorb oil, so that the skin looks matte and you feel fresh throughout the whole day. I am already a huge fan of the vitamin e body butter and night creams and I will definitely check this product out. stay tuned! xx


todays outfit

skirt VERO Moda
sweater H&M
nailpolish STRIPLAC surfin USA
sunglasses XRAY




so simple and so nice – klybeck. I met Baptiste at the designbox fair in Basel where we were neighbours with our booths. we exchanged email addresses and also saw eachother at the blickfang where he showed his work. there were so many people at the blickfang that I really had a hard time taking photos but I really wanted to show you his awesome work and asked him to send me some photos and answer me 3 questions. he did – and now I can show you! sharing is caring, right?

1.when did you start klybeck?
in the beginning of 2014

2. what kind of material do you use?
solid wood (oak, ash, american walnut) foot: steel (painted black)

3.where can we buy it and how much does it cost?
you can either visit my workshop or email me your order. price CHF 1860

Klybeckstrasse 98
4057 Basel
info @ klybeck.net



in-shower is the new thing! I have tested the NIVEA in-shower lotions and milks and I got totally hooked. in winter I am feeling too cold to apply lotion and in summer I m too hot – so when I discovered these products I knew that this was exactly my thing.

so how to use it? first you use your normal showergel or creme or whatever you use to wash your body. once you are clean you can apply the in-shower lotion. make sure not to drop any product as it can be very slippery – so be aware! the in-shower body lotions are like a conditioner. you apply it once the body is clean and then rinse it off and ready you are. my skin is very dry and thats why I like the in-shower body milk (darkblue) the best.

what about you? have you tried them yet?



Cristian was so nice to try the CLINIQUE for men collection and will tell us how he liked the products. So the first four products we are going to introduce are: #exfoliating tonic #aloe shave gel #moisturizing lotion #post-shave soother – I already updated the MEN page on isawsomethingnice.ch – have a look! http://isawsomethingnice.ch/men

exfoliating tonic

Q: how did you use it?

always after the face wash with a cotton pad. I dont like the cotton pads because they always stick to my facial hair. I will try to use kleenex in the future.

Q: what did you like about it?
– tingles nicely
– it feels very clean and sanitized

Q:what did you dislike about it?
– smell or better said lack of fragrance

aloe shaving cream

Q: how did you use it?

after I cleaned my face and used the exfoliating tonic I used the aloe shaving cream. its one of my favorite products because it makes shaving very easy.

Q: what did you like about it?
– easy to use

Q:what did you dislike about it?
– nothing

moisturizing lotion

Q: how did you use it?

after the exfoliating tonic I use the moisturizing lotion. or when I shave I use it after shaving and after using the post shave soother.

Q: what did you like about it?
– nice sensation after shaving
– makes my skin soft

Q:what did you dislike about it?
– nothing

post shave soother

Q: how did you use it?

I used it directly after shaving.

Q: what did you like about it?
– refreshes

Q:what did you dislike about it?
– smell or better said lack of fragrance

stay tuned for the next review where we will show you more products of the CLINIQUE for Men collection.  thank you Cristian you are an amazing product tester! xx



my dear friend Eli from Beirut was so kind to share his amazing new vintage shades by “MIRAGE” with me. he found them in the shop called “Solderie des Lunettes” in Zalka, Lebanon.

aww, they are so nice! envy!! I hope we will soon have some sunny days in Basel so I can show you my new shades from C&A and XRay! stay tuned! xx



I am sharing my daily outfits with help of polyvore.com
usually I find all the items I am wearing and when not I can easily add the items to my list and use them for the collages of the daily outfits. lets follow eachother and see what we all are wearing!





I asked my gorgeous friend Zaira what kind of products she would pick out for me from my makeup collection. so thats what she picked out to use on me.

I asked her why?

Z:the combination of your hair color was shouting at me to do your eyes that orange color. You have this warm tanned skin which describes these tones of both the eyes and lipstick. I wanted to have more dominant eyes so that it will not fade away with the lighter tones.”

I am very happy with the look and was surprised and amused to see my catrice blush being used as an eyeshadow, but why not! It looks stunning! so again my favorite quote “there are no limits – mix and match!” works!

m.a.c face and body foundation
m.a.c mineralize concealer
m.a.c copper beech sculpting cream
tom ford contouring kit

m.a.c black track fluidline
m.a.c proenza schoeler rich experience eyeliner
the body shop brow kit
m.a.c brow gel
m.a.c black extreme mascara

catrice blush
the body shop chestnut lipliner
tom ford sweet spot lipstick



Striplac by Alessandro

its a big thing these days to do your nails like a pro at home. I question that and therefore had to try the Starter Kit by Alessandro. You get a red nailpolish, a clear twin base and top, a file, a cleaning pads and the most important UV/LED lamp. I read the manual and then started to do my left hand leaving out the thumb. After cleaning my nails with the cleansing pad, mmmhhmm, they smell like apricot! I start with the clear Twin and let it dry in the lamp for 60 seconds, then I apply the color and again I let it dry in the lamp for 60 seconds. As the last step I again apply the twin polish and I really make sure to cover the tip of my nails. now on to the right hand, which of course is always a bit harder than the left hand.. the same procedure: twincoat on 4 fingers (leave thumb out) dry for 60 seconds, then apply color, let it dry for 60 seconds and then finish with the twin polish and let it dry for 60 seconds. now I do the exact same thing to my thumbnails. Now all my fingernails are painted and I clean the top with the cleansing pad. It looks so nice and the best thing is: IT IS DRY! Wow! I was really amazed!

The product claims to last up to 10 days and I can tell you it lasts even longer on my nails.. 🙂 I got more colors and tried the product on my friends nails. I will show you all the different colors in another post, stay tuned!

How to remove the nailpolish?
thats a very simple step, you just have to peel it off. I have never had problems to remove the nailpolish but I read that there is a peeloff oil in order to remove the nailpolish.

I have to admit that I really didnt expect such a nice result! It was easy to apply and it last for more than 2 weeks! I can therefore highly recommend this product.

NOTE: some of the nailpolishes tend to pull back, it must sound weird now but if you have tried this and experienced the same you will know what I mean 🙂 so when this happens try to dry each nail after painting for 10 seconds, like this it will not run back and you can continue to paint the rest and then dry all fingers for another 60 seconds.

stay tuned for my Striplac color demonstration! xx

STRIPLAC by Alessandro


SPRING & SUMMER skin care

the sun is out and thats the time where we should think about SPF – do you use SPF? I can highly recommend to do so. the sun is very powerful and can cause serious damage to your skin.. yeah, I know.. I am sure you have heard that somewhere before 🙂 anyway, I want to show you what I use at the moment in order to keep my skin protected from UV A and UV B rays.

LANCASTER Sun Control Fluid SPF 50
Thats what I start with, thats my base in spring and summer. It is a very light fluid and very easy to apply all over my face and neck. I already introduced this product here >>

CLINIQUE superdefense SPF 20
As a second step I use my daily moisturizer. It already has an average SPF but not enough for my sensitive skin and my couperose parts on my cheeks. here you can read my opinion about the Clinique Superdefense – I did a test with Jaswant and we are both still using them.  >>

I think this is enough coverage for me in spring and summer. Its perfect to even out my skintone and leaves a nice glow. read more about this CC Cream here >>

so after these steps I curl my eyelashes, I apply Bronzer and lipstick and I am ready for the day!

whats your skin care routine? do you use SPF? what products do you use?