first introduction of the NEW
skin care product by CLINIQUE

superdefense SPF 20
daily defense moisturizer
50 ml 72.- CHF

I got the possibility to test this amazing cream
which is available in 2 version

1 + 2 very dry to combination
3 + 4 combination oily to oily

thats why I asked my friend Jaswant to help me review and test the new CLINIQUE superdefense SPF 20 creams. we have started to use it today and will be using it for a week from today. on wednesday we will post our first impressions about the superdefense SPF 20 and on saturday we are going to ask ourselves a few questions about the product. stay tuned!

jaswant – 35
fashion consultant / mom

skin type: oily
problems: break outs, blemishes, oily skin parts
expectations from superdefense SPF 20 daily defense moisturizer:
hydration, it should absorb easily, anti-aging, something for stressful days, it should work with my foundation, allergy-tested, SPF

lea zeitman – 30
wardrobestylist / blogger

skin type: dry to normal skin
problems: very sensitive skin, couperose
expectations from superdefense SPF 20 daily defense moisturizer:
hydration, SPF, light texture, should work with my foundations


how does the skin react to the new cream?
how does it work with foundations?
does the cream keep the skin hydrated during the whole day?
how much to use per day? how long will the product last for?
prize/result – is it worth it?


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