bling bling

awww.. I love jewelry and everything with glitter and bling bling! when I was strolling thru I found these gorgeous pieces that I had to share with you. the very sleek and tiny heart necklace goes with everything, something I could wear everyday! the white earrings are screaming for attention so I would wear them with a complete white outfit or to pimp a simple jeans, t-shirt, blazer, pumps look! the necklace to the right is super gorgeous and I can imagine wearing this for a night out together with my favorite little black dress.

46 CHF snoe of sweden
white earrings
33 CHF sweet deluxe
golden necklace
65 CHF sweet deluxe

do you guys shop online? I do 🙂 and before I start shopping I check FLIPIT for coupons. they have amazing discount codes for so many things. its totally worth to check before shopping the web! enjoy! xx



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