the power infusing concentrate!

I was at the pressconference of SHISEIDO in Zurich in June 2014 and I got a lot of information regarding the newest product: ULTIMUNE that will be launched in fall 2014! so what I learned is that the power of the skin lies in the skins immunity and that it is being dammaged by environmental threats and stress and emotional stress. I have been using SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE for the last thee weeks and I really like it.I will continue to use it and will get back to you and will tell you more.

The designer of the bottle is called TAISUKE KIKUCHI and he created a very minimaliste line of beauty. I love his drawings!

“A skincare product with infinite properties

Now there is a perfect solution: ULTIMUNE, your skin’s guardian. It does so much more than just repair visible damage. It is the first product to reactivate the skin’s multi-defensive power to resist, protect, regenerate and strengthen against harmful aggressors. It is the power your skin needs to visibly slow down the ageing process for as long as possible.

Ultimune activates 4 powers within your skin:
    •    The power to RESIST
    •    The power to PROTECT 
    •    The power to REGENERATE
    •    The power to STRENGHTEN

With Ultimune your skin rediscovers its ultimate, timeless beauty: perfect, flawless, trouble-free skin, glowing with health and free from all visible signs of ageing. Its beauty potential is outstanding. With Ultimune, every woman, regardless of her age, origin or skin type, can experience the unexploited potential of her own skin.”

SHISEIDO because the beauty is already in you!


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