today’s outfit

wearing different patterns in black and white and this
inspired me to write something about these kind of looks. when we wear
to many patterns in different colors we often look like a circus clown.
that’s why I am only wearing black and white with different patterns.
mix and match is something I love to do <3 and I got quiet a
collection of things to match or mix. another thing that I am aware of
is to wear a simple hair style and a one colored clutch.another thing is that you can play with the lengths of your clothes and layer them nicely so one can see all the different patterns.


shirt LOGG men
blouse & jacket TALLY WEIJL
leggings & earrings H&M
clutch & sunglasses VINTAGE

now I will take lots of photos for the blog as I have many new nice things to show you. stay tuned. X


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