M.A.C nificient Me

new makeUp

1 eyeshadow EVERYONE’S DARLING matte
2 paint pot IMAGINARY pro longwear
3 patentpolish lip pencil IT’S REALLY ME
4 lip pencil CURRANT
5 brush 215
6 matte lipstick FASHION REVIVAL

M.A.C nificient Me thats the name of the new collection. and the tag line says: celebrate your style, heart and soul. thats something I can absolutely agree to and I think all these awesome products will help to celebrate your style. my two favorite things are for the eyes, I love the IMAGINARY blue paint pot and the matte eyeshadow called EVERYONE’S DARLING. two great color for a nice fall makeUp. check your M.A.C counter and see which one is your favorite product of the new collection. sharing is caring, right? X


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