makeup in a stick1 SMASHBOX L.A. LIGHTS / beverly hills blush
2 NYX / wonder stick WS04

these sticks are perfect for on the go. the things that come in handy when travelling or putting together a touchup makeup bag for your purse. I love it when makeup becomes convenient and thats very much the case with these two buggers. the SMASHBOX L.A. LIGHTS blush stick is also for the lips, so its a 2in1 product, yay! the NYX wonder stick is great for contouring and highlighting. first I thought I could use the light color as a concealer but noo, I would not advise to do so, as it has a shimmery texture and finish to it. so as I said, both of these products are great for on the way as they will not leak nor break due to their smart packaging.

what I got in my makeUp bag:

eyelash curler
smashbox blush and cheek stick
NYX wonder stick
lip balm

whats in your makeUp bag? let me know. sharing is caring, right? X


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