I have found some really nice cardigans at C&A and wanted to show you my new thing that I love to wear. the trend is called belted cardigans and its super easy to do. all you need is a cardigan and a belt – thats it. the cardigan can either be a bit oversized or fitted, it doesnt matter and both versions can look nice. I love oversized cardigans and I think the ones I have found at C&A are a great in between oversize and normal size fit as the sleeves are not so big but there is enough fabric to wrap around the waist in the front.

belted cardigan

the belts can be either small and thin or chunky and bold it really depends on the rest of the look. for a wintery cardigan with a scarf I would use a thicker leather belt and if its a casual cardigan that is belted under a winter coat then I would use a bit of a thinner belt. you can really play it by ear and go ahead and try your belts with your cardigans, I am sure you just added a new thing to your wardrobe.


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