I loooove scented candles, especially in winter! so today I wanna share some of my favorite scented candles with you. and as you can see in the photo above also something that is scented but not a candle. I will get back to that soon. alright, lets start with

RITUALS candles
they have lovely scents and some of them have inspiring quotes on them, mine says
thats really something to think about, no? my favorite one is called LOTUS SECRET, 290gr.
so they came out with something new for the home and it is called: MAITRE DE PARFUM HOME PERFUME TASSEL, a lovely thing to hang on your door handles or windows or where ever you feel like having a nice scent and decoration. if you flip the tassel you will see that in the middle it has a soft tip where you apply the perfume oil. I drop a couple of drops every other week and it smells lovely. as I got this one as a present I was looking all over Basel to find more of these but so far did not find them, maybe now that we are closer to christmas I will be able to find it in manor, douglas or globus. I will keep you posted about that.

IPURO candles
mmhhmm, for a very very long time these were my absolute favorite go to scented candles, especially the HOMMAGE d’ipuro collection has some delicious scents like ST ANTOINE or ST JACQUES. now for christmas they came out with a new collection and I got to try the HOMMAGE d’ipuro AMBIANCE DE NOEL. a very warm and rich wintery scent perfect for this season, it reminds me of cookies and chai tea. mmmmhhhmm. they also have the room diffusers if you want something that keeps your rooms scented without having to light a candle. almost every scent is available as a candle or diffuser. I find mine at manor or depot.

this is one of my favorite fragrance and when I saw that there is a candle I almost fainted ; ) just kidding. so I found this photo via polyvore but I could not find the candles in the shops in basel that sell Estee Lauder products, until today I am looking for this candle. I saw it online but in shops that did not deliver to CH. so when you see it please let me know where, thanks. X sharing is caring, right? so what I wanna say is that check if there is a candle from your favorite perfume as this really might be something to have in your living room or working space.

DIPTYQUE candles
whenever I am in Paris I have to visit the diptyque shop and buy a candle, its almost like a ritual. my number one favorite is the FEU DE BOIS, followed by FIGUIER and BAIES. mmmhhmm, at the moment I dont have any diptyque candle at home but hopefully this is about to be changed soon. hommage dipuro

I am a person that relates to scents and I can walk through Basel and all of the sudden smell something that immediately brings me to California or Sicily and thats why I love scents so much as they are very personal and calming for me. now I wanna mention some candles that I didnt show it the picture above, like YANKEE CANDLES or the scented candles by LOCCITANE or THE BODY SHOP.

YANKEE CANDLES are the ones that are sold in a jar and come with a glass lid. I have recently found the tea lights at PFAUEN in Basel and am a big fan of the MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT scent. I have only one candle left and will definately repurchase them. at the moment they also have some special season scents and as it is super hard to describe scents for me I think it is best when you just visit the shop yourself and see what you like.

they either come in a glass or in a tin box with lid. I love the LAVENDER one and have recently discovered that there are new ones out: SOUFFLE DE FLEURS and RAMEAUX D’HIVER. mmhhmm, you should give them a try, two lovely scents that I equally like.

I have just recently discovered the lovely christmas line called FROSTED PLUM with which I instantly fell in love with. the collection consists of body butter, body scrub, lip balm, a shimmery body mist, bath fizzes and a scented candle. mmmhhmm, I love the scent eventhough I am actually not a big plum fan but there is something about it that I can not resist. now I can have the full programm on sunday: wake Up and take a bath with the scented bath fizzes then scrub my skin with the body scrub, cream it with the body butter and spray a bit of the shimmery mist on my decollette. then I light the candle install myself in the living room on the couch, ready to watch a movie or read a book, and as the last frosted plum touch up I can mositure my lips with the lip balm. : ) frosted plum

so these might be some great presents, no? I think so, and now I am off to pack my stuff for my winter holiday in BRASOV and wrapping lots of presents. have a lovely day. X


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