70s glam look

finally I have found the time to show you in what kind of a fashion mood I am currently. very 70s and glamorous and super happy to show you my new awesome bag that I got from my lovely friend Haliuna! thank you so much again for sending me this awesome piece. I am sure you are going to see this bag quiet some time on the blog. so lets get started by showing you some photos of my 70s glam outfit!

70s glam look

I love mixing color and styles and especially in a warm winter like this it is great to be wearing shorts, with tights of course! for this look I tried to stay among the warm fall winter colors and combined them with brown and beige. I can only ask you to do the same and you will realize that your wardrobe is in fact quiet versatile.

70s glam look


hat H&M
blouse CI CI London
pants VICOLO
coat ZARA
heels BATA
bag KIARA (present from Haliuna)

70s glam look

I bought this coat a long long time ago at ZARA and have never regretted this purchase as I was wearing this coat so many times in different ways, have a look:

2014_look2014 look    



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