WES inspired look

WES ANDERSON, one of my most favorite film makers inspired me to wear this very outfit. which also brings me to the introduction of my new fashion inspiration series called “MOVIE inspired looks and since why not start with one of the favorite ones, right?

in case you dont know whom i m talking about, take your time and watch some of his movies. I am sure that you will not regret it. I watched all of his movies and my favorites are The Royal TennenbaumsGrand Hotel Budapest and Fantastic Mr. Fox

details, lots of delicate details is what makes it for me. it does not matter if you spend 100 or 1000 CHF for your outfit as long as it goes well together. as a matter of fact this outfit is NOT an expensive one at all and I found most of the pieces on SALE over the last 5 years or more. with one stroll thru a Brocki you can put together a nice WES ANDERSON look.

WES inspired look

the hand bag is a delicate subject, croco.. I know this sucks! I got this bag from a friends grandmother and promised that I will take care of it. its a handme down, a very cruel one, but also dead, meaning it would not make the crocodile any happier by me trashing this bag, no? so how I see it is when its VINTAGE its sort of ok-ish but I am totally against the production of such bags nowadays! we should all learn from our past and start respecting eachothers: animals and humans: ONE LOVE!

as you can see in the photos, I am only showing the outfit and did not pay extra attention to the background. but for sure this is something that might change, lets see. I am still recovering and am not 100% fit yet and thats why we shot the outfit inspiration in front of our house.

WES inspired look

the colors and materials of the outfit made me think about the Royal Tennenbaum movie but overall its inspired by Wes Anderson and not just one movie. what I really love about his movies is that you can pause every ten minutes and print screen it and are going to end up with a picturesque moment, no matter if it is an interior design or a landscape scenery. “picturesque” is what sums up all his movies in one word!

dress COS
coat ZARA
shoes BATA
bag VINTAGE (from J’s grandma)
hat/scarf LA HALLE


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