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I got this awesome wooden cuttingboard by Epicurean via a really nice online shop that I got to try out. I didnt know about the brand nor the shop before and was really surprised to find out that Epicurean was founded by a custom skate park manufacturer.

I really wanted to switch our plastic cutting boards to wooden ones and I like the fact that this model is available in different sizes and different types of wood. the cutting board in the photo is the smallest one and is made out of walnut. I also found some really cool white plates that I am going to show you soon. stay tuned. X

about Epicurean:
Epicurean® sets the standard for today’s well-equipped kitchen with premier cutting surfaces and essential utensils. since 2003, we have revolutionized the kitchenware market by developing an array of wood-based products that range from dishwasher-safe cutting boards to stylish food preparation tools and advanced kitchen storage solutions. our signature material is made with multiple layers of forest stewardship council (FSC) certified wood fibers, compressed with a food-safe resin. we also have introduced a line of eco plastic products that utilizes 100% post-consumer recycled milk jugs. all of our products are made in the USA.


what do skateboarders and foodies have in common? they’re both cutting it up on the same durable material. in 2003, Epicurean® was founded by custom skate park manufacturer TrueRide® as a way to repurpose excess skating surface material generated during manufacturing. the founders of TrueRide® knew that similar material was being used in commercial kitchens, so creating a line of home food preparation surfaces from the scrap was as natural as, well, skating on it. TrueRide® outdoor skate parks take excessive abuse from both weather and skaters. rest assured, your Epicurean® cutting surfaces and utensils can ride out the most rigorous challenges you can dish up!

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