I stumbled upon a very very nice label called POPPYHEARTS when strolling thru the Great Mall in Milpitas, California. Lydia Choi is the person behind it all, and it was so lovely to meet her. she told me that she will soon move to the Valley Fair Mall, so in case you are from the bay area you can now find her at this very mall here >>
poppyhearts makes beautiful hairbands and hair accessories for everyday occassions, weddings, parties or glamourous events. I fell in love with this golden hairband and can not wait to show you in person. another thing I really liked were the hair ties, they are perfect for a tiny present and more importantly they are good for your hair as they dont have any metal parts in them. I am still surprised to see that hair ties with metal are still sold…
DoubleLayered Poppyhearts
photo via poppyhearts.com
what I love about my double layered hairband is that there are two small bands next to each other and that they can be pulled apart or left together and achieve different looks.
another cool thing about her hair accessories is that they can be formed and adjusted according to your head shape. my biggest problems with hairbands are that they start hurting me behind the ears after wearing one for a half an hour or less. so I was very happy to see Lydia show me how to bend and shape the hairband in order to prevent this in the future. she knows what she is doing as in fact I really didnt have any issues with my golden one by poppyhearts.com. I am happy to share her awesome work with you and I am sure that there is something for everyone of you and you will find more than one thing you like, be it for you or a friend, promised : )  X


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