this morning I started with a delicious milky smoothie. I had frozen raspberries, a banana and milk and these are all the things one needs to make this very smoothie. its very simple and all you need in addition is a jar or jug and a stick blender. a very optional thing is to have a fancy paper straw. I found mine via DAISO, a japanese shop in San Francisco.

1/2  glass MILK
1     bowl RASPBERRIES
1     big BANANA

put everything in the jar and use the stick blender to mix everything. once you are happy with the consistency pour it in your favorite glass, add a straw and thats it!


I am a big fan of these biodegradable paper straws, they totally make my day! they make a simple glass of water look fancy and I love to drink my smoothies with a straw, the only down side is that they start to degrade or fall apart very fast, so make sure to either have enough in order to switch your straw every now and then or you have to drink fast, lol! have a good day! X



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