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…and how I spend my sunday afternoon

I wanna present you my lovely grey bag called BOMBATA. it fits my ipad or it could also fit a laptop and thats what it is actually meant to be for – a business bag. BUT of course I wouldnt like a bag only for one purpose so I decided to make the BOMBATA business bag a bit more fashion 🙂 by wearing it like a normal bag.

I wore my grey BOMBATA yesterday and I have spent such a lovely afternoon in the sun at KABAR in Basel. sooo wonderful that October brings such nice weather! and did you spot my big watch? isnt it a super nice piece? Its made and designed by ADVOLAT a swiss watch brand based in Basel. I will soon show you the whole outfit. stay tuned. xx


dress H&M
sneakers NIKE FREE



ROST & GOLD (zurich, switzerland)

this was the place where I immediately felt like home – such a cosy place with lots and lots of very nice things to see. I only captured a few things with my camera – there is way more to see. so for the people who will travel to zurich I think this place is a MUST!

Rost & Gold is owned and run by 2 lovely men called Werner and Roland. I met them that very night in person and had some good laughs and talks. thank you Dushka for introducing us. xx



I saw something nice for you! this simple watch is perfect for men and women. I have already introduced this watch brand in a previous post – read more here >> I am a big fan of the BAUHAUS design and therefor I love the shape and design of the CITY watch – simple and sleek!

chronograph limited edition BAUHAUS DESIGN


so you might wonder why the watch looks different in the photo above – thats because I switched the wristband, instead of the black I attached a brown leather band. a quick simple thing makes a big change!
soon I will show you an outfit where you will see me wearing this gorgeous CITY watch. stay tuned! xx



something new! let me introduce you to my new travelling wallet!
Ă–GON is a french brand and has started with the simple cardholder wallets. there are so many different colors, shapes and options. there are cardholder wallets, passport wallets and clutches.

my favorite edition is the QUILTED one and I could not resist to get a pink QUILTED passport wallet. Ă–GON uses aluminum for their cases and this also helps to protect my passport as nowadays passports have a lot of information that can be read without noticing it – so better be on the safe side and protect your passport.



a watch brand from BASEL – isn’t that amazing?
I recently discovered these gorgeous watches when I was strolling thru Clarastrasse in Basel. Next to the Basilisk photography shop there is a shopwindow with some pieces of their collection. It was the first time I have heard of ADVOLAT and I really liked the fact that they are from Basel.

Let me tell you a bit more about ADVOLAT and their philosophy, thats what I found on their website:

“Switzerland is home to some of the best designers and makers of watches, Basel in Switzerland is home to the world’s biggest and most famous watch fair BaselWorld, from Basel comes ADVOLATOriginal, the latest Swiss brand of finest watchmaking:


ADVOLATOriginal watches are strictly limited to a maximum of either 888 or 88 watches for every model worldwide, depending on the reference number. Every watch is unique and carries its individual number engraved on the caseback. Some models are completely Swiss Made. All have been handcrafted to the highest Swiss quality standards. All have been tested twice before delivery.”

chronograph limited edition BAUHAUS DESIGN

I really like the BAUHAUS design CITY watch and the same watch can be worn differently – with a black watch strap or with a brown one. for CHF 49.00 you can purchase the brown leather watch strap and easily change it by yourself when ever you want. soon I will show you photos with the two different watch straps – a more elegant and a more casual version – stay tuned!

online shop


filofax my love!

awww! I am so happy with my new baby “the original” filofax! this collection is made in the UK and out of real leather. I am a huge filofax fan and had my white PANAMA for a good time and was so happy to visit the filofax distributor of switzerland in lausanne and exchange my old planner for a new one! thanks for having me, it was a blast!

have you ever wondered where the name filofax came from?
it comes from <files of facts> and became filofax. based on a true story: “1940 – during a German air raid in World War II, the business premises of Norman & Hill (now filofax) are bombed and razed to the ground. Grace Scurr was the heroine as she had her personal “file of facts” created with all supplier and customer data, which she always carried with her. only thanks to this information, the operation could be rebuilt.“ more info about filofax here >>

so I am aware that we live in 2014 where everything is digital BUT although I have my second brain called iphone/ipad and imac I still like to have something haptic like notes, paper and all that so for me the perfect organisation is a mix between digital and analog 🙂 “the original” collection has a strap for the iphone/phone which makes it the perfect businessplanner!

so are you familiar with the filofax system? no? well, let me tell you what awaits you! you buy your planner and you can add whatever you need and desire: addressbook, worldmap, blank notes, sticky notes, rulers, to do lists, daily planners and of course the diary.

what did I get?
diary 2014 and 2015 (week on two pages)
assorted sticky notes
organiser stickers
blank index

here you can see my old PANAMA filofax via instagram




I had the amazing chance to get a FOUTA towel in my favorite color and I have used it for so many different things already. when it arrived first I wore it as a poncho, then I used it as a light blanket to watch a movie and this weekend I was reading a book on my towel next to the rhein. ONE towel MANY ways to use it! so let me tell you a little bit about FOUTA – I found a alot on their website and will copy paste the about us for you here –>

“fouta brings together simple design, multi-functional products and a passion for intercultural alliances. With roots in both Tunisia and Switzerland, the label’s founder was inspired to create cotton towels incorporating both the charm and the individuality of traditional Tunisian artisanal production. fouta’s cotton towels pass through diverse hands on their way to us but each towel is a delight to behold and has a multitude of uses: the finely-woven cotton towels brighten everyday life in Tunisia and keep local handicraft traditions alive. fouta is organised on a cooperative basis where handicraft and creativity are complemented by the mutual respect of all parties involved – much as the threads at the end of each towel are skilfully knotted together by the weavers’ hands. The ideas behind fouta also meet with the approval of our customers who are already helping to encourage small local businesses and social institutions in Tunisia and Switzerland. At the same time they are supporting our standards for transparency and the growing durability of all traces that we leave behind us. Furthermore they are accompanying us in our long-term ambition of keeping alive the centuries-old Tunisian textile handicraft with respect and care” read more here
shop online here

«GRIS Alliance des Créateurs»
Europaallee 33
8000 ZĂĽrich




so simple and so nice – klybeck. I met Baptiste at the designbox fair in Basel where we were neighbours with our booths. we exchanged email addresses and also saw eachother at the blickfang where he showed his work. there were so many people at the blickfang that I really had a hard time taking photos but I really wanted to show you his awesome work and asked him to send me some photos and answer me 3 questions. he did – and now I can show you! sharing is caring, right?

1.when did you start klybeck?
in the beginning of 2014

2. what kind of material do you use?
solid wood (oak, ash, american walnut) foot: steel (painted black)

3.where can we buy it and how much does it cost?
you can either visit my workshop or email me your order. price CHF 1860

Klybeckstrasse 98
4057 Basel
info @



awww. my new swatch watch is called sweet me – its part of the pastry chef collection. I saw this collection for the first time in London during the fashionweek and I was amazed by the sweet colors and details. Swatch says they were inspired by sweet macaroon when designing this watch – and I can really see this relation. vanilla and raspberry – mmhhm!

its the most comfortable watch I have ever worn.. super light and such a soft strap made out of silicone – the perfect watch for summer!

<< see more swatch watches here >>

which swatch watch is your favorite?



be unique, stand out, embrace yourself and feel beautiful with LARA PATRIZIA VOGT earrings! I found my special pair of statement earrings via ETSY and was able to meet the creator of these gorgeous pieces and ask her 3 questions. thank you Lara, it was wonderful to meet you!


#what inspired you to make jewelry?

Colors and large pieces of jewelry have fascinated me ever since. One day my heavenly friends asked me to create them by myself.I greatly enjoy to combine colors, to make them flow into each other. I love to feel them, smell them, honor them. For me, it feels like embracing a rainbow.

And as Kandinsky said:

 “The deeper the colors become, the more strongly they call man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural.”

#what kind of materials do you use?

I use resin and polymer clay for the frames, pearls, rhinestones, self-printed images, pigments and much time and patience. I need about two hours to create one pair of earrings.

#are these unique earrings?

Yes!  As every living being is unique, all of my earrings are one of a kind.

I also love custom orders. You can choose the color of the frame, the image and the pearls or rhinestones and between pierced (stud) earrings, clip-ons or hanging earrings. The earrings are very lightweight and thus comfortable to wear. I also create necklaces and smaller earrings.

model: Jaswant S.
makeUp: Simone Bartschmid
styling and photography Lea Zeitman