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Ceridwens Cauldron by LUSH

this on and off sun/rain weather made me stay in yesterday and enjoy the LUSH luxury bath Ceridwens Cauldron. What an amazing experience and so far my favorite LUSH bath! I first let the inside of the bag melt with the warm water and then I have used it as a massage cloth. I soaked for about a half an hour and there was no need to put any kind of bodylotion afterwards as my skin was already super soft! luv it, thanks LUSH !

9.20 CHF


E.L.F. jumbo lip stick

E.L.F. jumbo lip stick –
I am in seventh heaven with all my new products that I got at TARGET in Sunnyvale
California. I will soon introduce you to their amazing makeup brushes.

The JUMBO LIP STICKS are amazing lip balm sticks with a lot of color. I bought PINK UMBRELLAS and MOVIE STAR – and they are both perfect for every day makeup!