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BB Creams

what do I think about BB? Blemish and Balm.. well, in summer they come in handy as I am not a friend of too heavy coverage foundation. lets start from top to bottom!

#Estée Lauder BB Double Wear All-Day Glow SPF 30
#Marionnaud BB 6in1 Perfecting Care (no SPF)
#The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream (no SPF)
#Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25
#Estee Lauder BB Clear Difference SPF 35

so which is my favorite and why?

my very favorite BB Cream is the #Estée Lauder BB Double Wear All-Day Glow SPF 30 – as it has enough coverage and SPF and it doesnt have a matte finish. Its a rather new product, so I am sure some of you have not seen or tried it yet. well, do not hesitate, give it a try!

which is your favorite BB Cream?



The Body Shop

#1 SHEA Shower Cream
a soap free cleanser with sheabutter from Burkina Faso

15% tea trea oil – apply directly to blemishes

body moisturizer with honey for dry skin.

Color-adapting tinted cream

Its FEBRUARY and this month I will focus on “mostawarded and bestseller products” from different brands that I love. I start with the BESTSELLERS of The Body Shop. check what sells best and see what I think about the products here:

awww.. the #1 SHEA BUTTER SHOWER CREAM makes my skin super soft and I hardly need any additional moisturizer after showering with this. as I have very dry skin I need an extra layer of cream on my ellbows, feet and knees. thats when Bestseller #3 HONEYMANIA BODY BUTTER comes in handy – I loove the smell – it leaves my skin moisturized thruout the day. If I have a spot I use #2 TEA TREE OIL directly on my skin to dry out my spot and make it disappear within a day! For a regular day where I am not in front of the camera I often use BB Creams or Foundation with medium to ligth coverage. The #4 ALL-IN-ONE BB CREAM is a color adapting tinted cream and it leaves a glowy and dewy finish. They come in 4 different shades. I have 01 but I think it is a bit too light for me – even in winter 🙂 but I can still use it – I wear it with a bronzing powder or blush.


please take a moment and answer these questions – I am very curious what you think about The Body Shop products. Leave a comment below or answer it directly via @tumblr

so which is your favorite product by THE BODY SHOP?
do you use any of the BESTSELLERS above?
which is your favorite product out of the BESTSELLERS above?



skin perfectioning cream

are you using a BB Cream? I am a huge fan of the face & body foundation by M.A.C. and every know and then I am in the mood for a little bit more coverage but not too much – these are the days where I grab my CLARINS BB Cream. I have been using it for quiet a while now and I really like the effect it has to my couperose parts of my cheeks.

please leave a comment about your favourite BB Cream – thanks! xx



Hmm, I must say I really love the Clarins BB Skin Perfekting Cream!
I have been using it for the last couple days and I really start to like it better everyday!

For me its really one easy step for natural-looking flawless coverage. The Clarins Skin Perfecting BB Cream is super easy to apply I achieved the best result with my fingers but maybe I just havent found the right brush for this cream. So anyway the texture is really smooth and leaves a very nice soft film on your skin. The BB Skin Perfecting Cream by Clarins is a real time-saver in the morning because it not only evens out your skintone it also protects your skin with the carefully selected plant-based ingredients with SPF 25.

so, what does BB stand for?

BB stands for “blemish and balm” and was first developed by German dermatlogists for women who had undergone cosmetic surgery and it was later further developed in Korea. It was recommended to soothe the skin and reduce the appereance of redness as a result of cosmetic surgery. It quickly became “THE” beauty secret behind flawless-looking skin in Asia. BB Cream is now found in a “western” version, part make-up and part skin care.

Have you tried a BB Cream before, please let me know which one and why you like it. please leave a comment or ASK or say something on my FB page – cant wait to hear what you have to say about BB Creams! xxx