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news for men

there are two new things for men that I wanna show you today!

eau de toilette spray 40ml

texture style sign 4 roughman
matte cream paste (hair)

so lets start with the MICHAEL KORS fragrance, its a nice every day scent not too fresh and also not too warm, a great mix. I am having a hard time describing scents and I think its always best to try a new fragrance on your skin. we are all unique and the same fragrance can smell a lot different on you than on me. check your next parfum shop, it might be something for your christmas wishlist. the other item I wanna introduce today is called texture style sign roughman 4 – what a name.. but it works. Cristian has been using it for the last couple of weeks and he loves it. before using this product he was using DAX WAX (the red one) and zest by LUSH but I think this time we will have to repurchase this bugger as the price/quality is a tiny bit better. I know you should not compare apples and lemons and I am aware that LUSH products have a more sustainable organice philosophy than the GOLDWELL products. but you gotta use what you like best, right? (100g – 28.80 CHF zest LUSH / 100ml – GOLDWELL 24.00 CHF)