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yay, I got a new lovely mouse via Logitech. thanks so much!  FRANCESCA

the fox is called FRANCESCA and is part of the new playcollection‬ logitechM238 and I was thinking of calling her ERICA. somehow I think this name suits the fox better 🙂 anyway, I have been working with this sweet bugger for the last couple of weeks and I really like it! another nice thing is the price: 29.90 CHF which really is a bargain plus it makes me happy to see a little fox instead of my grey mac mouse. now what else is on my desk besides the iMac and the mouse?


< ACCEPT what is, let go of what was and have FAITH in what will be >
thats what it says on my rituals candle and I absolutely love the message. it is so true but not always easy to accept what is. I struggle with that but I have to say that I feel a lot better since 2013 and that almost every day that has passed since then was a good day! when I work at my desk for my blog from at home I want to feel good and thats when the flowers come in. I love flowers and I try to spoil myself every week with new ones. this week I chose pink roses and put them in the old vase I have found at the fleamarket. another important thing on my desk is my agenda, I am still oldschool when it comes to scheduling my time : ) the cutest thing next to the little fox is the white clock that I also found at the fleamarket it is a mechanical one with no batteries and makes quiet some noise but like with almost everything one gets used to it after a while..



when I was walking thru the streets of basel in order to get some fashion inspiration I stumbled upon this cute outfit and I had to share it with you. unfortunately I was a bit in a hurry so I couldnt ask her for her name or the clothes she was wearing but I have found some similar pieces that I wanna share with you now:


i saw something nice

so in case that you see yourself here please contact me <3


something nice!

I have two really nice things to show you and I am proud of MIGROS to have been nominated for the annabelle prix de beauté 2015 with the ZOÉ creme de jour raffermissante and the I AM 10in1 beauty balm – congratulations!

crème de jour SPF 15 raffermissante
13.40 CHF

I AM professional
10in1 miracle beauty balm BB
8.80 CHF

I have used the I AM 10in1 miracle beauty balm and I can totally say that this product is made for a practical and busy woman with little space in their bathroom. I mean ten products in one – c’mon thats amazing, right? so let me tell you the ten thing this little bugger is good for:

1. intensive treatment
2. repars hair dammage

against capillary fracture
prevents split ends
heat protection
6. anti static

7. silky shine

8. softness

9. moisturizes

10. perfect combability

I have checked √ all the points that I can either immediately see or things that I discovered after using it for a while. to really see whether it prevents split ends and is against capillary fracture is something that can only be said after using it for a while and be able to compare it to something similar thats why I kept those points unchecked. unfortunately I have not tried the ZOÉ REVITAL crème de jour SPF 15 raffermissante and I am planning to give it to one of you – so you get to try it and see if you like it – I will announce the give away via facebook – stay tuned. X



wearing a subtle mix of yellow and brown! I love to play with colors and materials and I was surprised that I have not worn this combo before. I have found all these items a very long time ago and all of them were on SALE!
the shirt I have found at Benetton in Basel and it is by SISLEY – the skirt is from FIZZEN and the awesome brown pointy pumps are from the NAVYBOOT Outlet at STÜCKI. the brown H&M leather bag found its way for 5 CHF into my wardrobe from the fleamarket 🙂 so yeah, not all of them were on SALE but all of them were a bargain.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and that you can start freshly into the new week – I got loads of things planned for the upcoming week – fashion shootings – cashmere SALE and an event in ZH. stay tuned. X


skirt FIZZEN
clutch H&M (fleamarket)
beanie ACE records
jewelry isawsomethingnice.ch


todays outfit


after almost seven years of having the same wallet I finally found one that can get me over my beloved MIU MIU leather wallet. my old one was kind of big and I felt like switching to a smaller version – in fact I did and today I took some time to finally arrange my new wallet. that is such a cleansing thing to do: getting rid off all the unnecessary receipts and shopping cards that I have not used in years. 🙂

time for a change

the wallet was part of my SPRING shopping haul via zalando.ch and here you can see all the new pretty things that have found their way into my closet 🙂 next week I will hopefully find time to show you some outfits wearing these new things and in general to get ready for spring! are you a pastel lover? I AM!

time for a change

bag DKNY
wallet DKNY
ballerinas even&odd
pumps tamaris
earrings pieces
pants VILA


SOMETHING NEW via @Coca-Cola

check your super market and experience the new coca cola life 🙂 I don’t like coca cola but my friends do and they really liked it and were not able to tell the difference between this one and regular coke – well it should actually taste less sweet. 🙂


today’s outfit

wearing different patterns in black and white and this
inspired me to write something about these kind of looks. when we wear
to many patterns in different colors we often look like a circus clown.
that’s why I am only wearing black and white with different patterns.
mix and match is something I love to do <3 and I got quiet a
collection of things to match or mix. another thing that I am aware of
is to wear a simple hair style and a one colored clutch.another thing is that you can play with the lengths of your clothes and layer them nicely so one can see all the different patterns.


shirt LOGG men
blouse & jacket TALLY WEIJL
leggings & earrings H&M
clutch & sunglasses VINTAGE

now I will take lots of photos for the blog as I have many new nice things to show you. stay tuned. X



a new dress found its way to my wardrobe!

yay – the sun is out we already passed the month of January so what I am trying to say is we are almost done with winter. or at least thats what I extremly wish for. at the H&M Clarashopping I have found this lovely striped dress for 29.90 CHF and as I was returning several bags of old clothes I got a 5 CHF discount voucher that I have used for the dress – so even a bigger bargain!

the color green mixed with blue and white is a cry for summer – not kidding this reminds me so much of the clear water of the ocean. currently I have seen many cool things in the color blue and green. last week at the Estée Lauder press event I was given a fantastic blue eyeliner pencil in the color COBALT BLUE and it is a dream – in fact I am wearing it today on my upper lash line. another color that drew my attention is the KURE BAZAAR nailpolish in KALE – a wonderful dark subtle green! unfortunately the new green is not on the chart yet. more about these nailpolishes soon on the blog.

dress H&M
leggings FALKE
boots ESPRIT
leatherjacket FIZZEN
bag C&A
sunglases VINTAGE
earrings CLAIRES


today’s outfit

yay the sun is out! it is almost a shame that I am showing you a black and white look instead of something colorful 🙂

this is a way to wear leggings without showing your butt. I am not a big fan of leggings and short top outfits and therefore I always make sure to wear something long with leggings. so an easy tip would be to grab your friends, boyfriends or brothers shirt and wear it under your shirt or sweater – I looooove this look. ready in 5 minutes 🙂


men shirt COS

sweater H&M

leggings C&A

socks H&M

necklace CLAIRES

coat H&M

sunglasses VINTAGE

shoes H&M


todays outfit

big chunky boots – I love it and I am totally aware that this is not everyones cup of tea. I found these on SALE last year and I can not remember where I have found them and there is no label in or outside the shoes. a combination that always works for me is black and red – they go very nicely together and complement eachother.

another thing is wearing too many accessories and this is actually hardly ever gonna happen to me as I barely wear too much jewelry or any jewelry at all. so in fact this is something to work on – wearing a bit more accessories 🙂 but when I am wearing such chunky red boots I feel that it would be too much for an every day outfit.


skirt H&M
turtle neck PKZ
tights FALKE
boots SALE from dunno where 🙂
coat C&A
earrings Claires



thomas visited the exhibition and the lecture of the architect DANIEL LIBESKIND. as he is an architect it was really nice to have his view on that topic. the lecture was called “my visions”. DANIEL LIBESKIND informed about the visions and ideas behind different projects and how he approaches the different fields involved. he also had a rather unconventional start into architecture as he first studied music and therefore has a different access to form and design. thomas really liked the way he talked about his ideas and visions and the fact that he also involved music in the jewish museum, one of DANIEL LIBESKIND most famous project. the exhibition showed nice objects in unconventional and complex ways meaning not always in the classy way: poster and model but were made with attention to detail and work.

«architecture is not based on concrete and steel and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder. and that wonder is really what has created the greatest cities, the greatest spaces that we have had.» DANIEL LIBESKIND

Werkschau architektur 0.14



a couple of weeks ago I went to Freiburg Germany for a small shopping tour with my mom. of course I had to visit one of my favorite shops there and I still can not wait to have a RITUALS store in basel. here << you can check if there is a shop in your area. everytime I go to a RITUALS shop, so far I have been to the one in Amsterdam and Freiburg, I stack up on the foaming shower gels. my first favorite was the T’AI CHI with white lotus and green tea, then I discovered the HAMMAM DELIGHT with fresh eucalyptus and rosemary and this time I found two new favorites: SAMURAI SHOWER with organic bamboo and cedar wood and the other one is called DIWALI DELIGHT with patchouli and cardamom. so I have four favorites and they all smell very uniquely different and of course I bought two of each to be sure to get thru fall/winter 🙂


SONIC my friend

SONIC foaming facial soap
by clinique

yay, something new! the sonic brush is not so new, but the new cleansing foam is. I got both to try out and I absolutely love it. As I am also using the MIA2 I can really compare the two and I gotta admit that I prefer the clinique sonic brush. this post is only to show you whats new. I will get back to you with a more detailed post about the product. have a wonderful day. xx


new BOOK

the monocle guide to good business by gestalten. I m looking forward to reading this new book and hopefully I will learn a lot new nice things. as soon as I m done I will for sure tell you more. I found it a domus book store in basel but its also available online. more info here book.monocle.com or shop.gestalten.com

HAPPY SUNDAY – I will go back to reading!