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#kbreise15 – KARLSRUHE

I just got back from KARLSRUHE and I wanna share with you my impressions. I already shared the program with you in a previous blogpost and now you get to see the images. I had a great time and I met so many nice bloggers. check the links below the photos to see who I met.


IMG_7797window_karlsruhe IMG_7807

DIE MEISTER SAMMLERIN // 11 x Karoline Luise

diemeistersammlerin messagesfromParis IMG_778611malKarolineLuise 11malKarolineLuise herdress herdress herdress diemeistersammlerin


refreshmentmain course starters







ME //


bag DKNY via zalando.ch
coat H&M
pants C&A






“THERE IS ALWAYS AN OPEN DOOR” – there is always a way – might not be easy and simple but in the end there will be a solution!

today I wanna share with you my tips and tricks on how I keep the world informed about I SAW SOMETHING NICE. some things might be very simple and some need a bit more research but I am sure it will be totally worth it.

always carry businesscards with you because you never know who you are going to meet and it always gives a nice impression when you have your own cards.  use the same design for your cards as you use for your website this is called CD aka corporate design and is part of the CI aka corporate identity. in my case I buy blank white cards and I use a stamp with the same font that I use on the blog to make my cards.

let your friends and followers know what you do and share your links and photos with them via all the different channels and platforms there are. if you only share words, hashtags and links then twitter might be your thing, in case it is more about images, texts and links then facebook should be your thing and when its mainly about images and hashtags then instagram is your thing. I mainly use facebook but also share my fotos via instagram and share my links via twitter. there are certain times when your audience is online and offline and it is key to find that out and post according to their schedule.

it is very important to know your people. who reads your content, what age, what gender? do you know these things? there are many ways to find out. I use google analytics and I find it very easy. once you know your followers and readers you can also find out more about their behaviour and lifestyle. are these people a lot in front of the computer or are they mainly using the smartphone because they are students or younger folks? to know such things are key to a successful and widespread content.

what do you read in the internet? do you read blogs or feeds or are you subscribed to newsletters? do you like to watch videos, if so do you like to watch tutorials or vlogs? the best question for great content is: WOULD I LIKE TO READ OR WATCH IT? if so go ahead and do it, I am sure you will be successful due to your authenticity and passion.

BUT you have to give credits – this is crucial! when you take a photo that you didnt take yourself it is always best to ask before. in case they dont answer or you can not contact them then anyway always put the correct credits, such as link, author etc.

I hope that was helpful, I will try to post more of these tips and tricks in the future. stay tuned. X


host for BASEL NACHT at VOLTA 11

I have BIG news for all of you, especially for the one living in Basel or staying in Basel during ART BASEL week. I am the host of VOLTA 11 BASEL NACHT which happens on thursday from 5 to 7 PM. in case you want to enter for free use the promo code: SOMETHINGNICE. visit this link BASEL NACHT and register online for a free pass.

VOLTA11-isawsomethingniceVOLTA 11
BASEL, 15-20 JUNE 2015




ouff.. I finally packed my bags for my mini trip to PARIS – starting today in the morning! I will travel with the TGV and since I live in Basel it only takes around 3 hours!


packing my bags was a hassle – like always… I just find it very hard to know what I want to be wearing another day – fashion is something spontaneous for me and thats why I also tend to over pack.. this time I just took three different outfits and a couple of shoes for day and night. so I am very proud already about that 🙂 C&A invited me for a bloggers presstrip and I will keep you up to date about all the nice things I see. stay tuned via my SOCIAL MEDIA and maybe I will find time to upload an article via the blog under the EVENTS category. X




it is day 3 of #baselworld2015 and I am having such a great time! come by and visit me at HASBANI 2.2. H11 <3 I might share some @Rolex chocolate and cool magazines with you : ) I am also super happy that almost everyone liked my tiny white watch bag – it even made it to the local newspaper! have a lovely day! X


something nice by LUBEX ANTI AGE

I discovered another awesome product by LUBEX anti age – a swiss pharmaceutical company based in Therwil, a couple of kilometers from Basel – and my newest discovery is called LUBEX anti-age serum multi intensive!

so I was using the serum for the last couple of weeks and I was applying it day and night before moisturizing. during the night I was using my hydration oil afterwards and the two things together really glutted my very dry and irritated skin! it has a wonderfully smooth and light consistency with a very nice subtle scent. I really love the packaging – it is very neat and handy and it prevents the product from being attacked by sunlight. as LUBEX anti age has removed all the preservatives it is very important to protect the very fragile ingredients.


my lubex anti age serum fell into the bath tub and I thought it actually looks quiet nice in the foam so I took my camera and captured it.

so what does Lubex anti-age® serum do for a visibly more beautiful skin?
it provides a unified complexion due to the vitamin C glucoside and it retains a youthful appearance due to resveratrol. by using the serum on a daily base the help of ectoin also increases the resistance of the skin against environmental stress factors and it corrects fine lines and expression lines with use of poly-, penta- and hexapeptides. and most importantly hyaluronic acid which hydrates intensively and makes the skin super soft.

unfortunately so many people have allergies and deal with very sensitive skin, I can include myself to the second group and therefore I always pay extra attention to the ingredients! lubex anti age products are especially made for people with sensitive skin or people that have allergies to certain ingredients and every single product has been developed and tested by professional dermatologists!

I was naming quiet some ingredients before and I quickly want to give you a heads up about what these things are. so lets start:

vitamin-C-glucosides also called provitamin C. vitamin-C-glucosides has an antioxidant against free radicals, reduces pigmentation marks and repaires the stressed skin by UV rays. so vitamin-C-glucosides are very active against skin aging and therfore used by LUBEX anti age serum!

resveratrol is a sirtuin (SIRT 1) activator that protects the DNA and increases the longevity of the skin cells. the innovative liposomal microencapsulation of bioactive agent works specifically in the cells of the epidermis to improve the vitality of the skin and to slow the aging process!

ectoine acts as a natural DNA and cell protective factor against UV-induced skin damage and it supports the immune system of the skin! furthermore it prepares the skin for an efficient response to stress. ectoine was identified as the one substance that protected the organisms in the desert from intense sunlight, high temperature and drought. it is used as an active ingredient in skin care and sun protection, it stabilizes the natural structure of biopolymers such as proteins, nucleic acids and biomembranes. ectoine has been shown to protect against skin damage caused by UVA and UVB radiation and the most special feature: ectoine does not act as UV filters, but rather as a preventative cell protection against sun allergies, UV-induced skin aging and light dermatoses. it prevents damage in the epidermis and in the deeper layers of the skin and protects the skin’s immune system!

poly-, penta- and hexapeptides or peptides are very important messengers to block the skin and they play a huge role in wound healing. even the normal daily skin regeneration process has to deal with small tissue damage that must be repaired and balanced. over time this ability declines more and more and the aging process of the skin begins. poly-, penta- and hexapeptides specifically activate biological restructuring processes in the skin and therefore age-related skin damage is being repaired – the skin becomes more resilient and toned.

hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid intensively hydrates the epidermis and protects the skin from drying out. in addition, they act like retinol (vitamin A) and pepdtide:  that means they improve the structure and density of the skin and make it more elastic.

so I hope you found that helpful and interesting and that you can now find the perfect product for your skin – there are so many other products by LUBEX anti age that I wanna try and I am curious to test the cleansing milk and the tonic – stay tuned for more.


read my previous article about my first interaction with the Lubex anti – age hydration oil here http://isawsomethingnice.ch/post/108526824581/somethingnewandnice



so these are some of the outfits that I have been wearing so far this year. and when I was scrolling thru my blog I figured that I could actually collect some of the looks into collages and show them on the blog – thats a first!

here you can find all the outfits from the past:

Have a wonderful weekend – I will prepare some more outfits for next week. X


my lunch SNACK

tomato-potato soup from MANOR and my first GRÄTTIMA this year with a bowl of my favorite chips by ZWEIFEL. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw that MIGROS is already selling grätima – this is something we eat on december 6, for santa claus. but next to the grätima I saw there were already some X MAS cookies – wtf ? ehm, I am not in a winter mood yet, but thanks for offering the sweet side of it as I can not stand the cold of the swiss winters! BON APPETIT!



I did it. I went BIG. not that size matters in general – but here it does 🙂 I found this lovely piece at the ADVOLAT webshop and was thinking about it for the last couple of weeks before I ended up getting it. Cristian has the ADVOLAT CITY watch and I once stole his watch for a day and really enjoyed wearing a big watch. so this one the FLIEGER 2 is in fact slightly bigger than Cristians one.


blouse REVERSE
pants H&M
sneakers CONVERSE



my ZALANDO parcel has arrived on saturday morning and it brought me this awesome burgundy TOPSHOP hat. hats are my favorite piece of accessories at this very moment and I can not wait to wear this hat more often. today I paired the hat with my new pastel wooljacket that I have found at the fleamarket last saturday. I washed it with the woolprogram of my machine and it turned out fresh and clean. mmhhmm, I love the smell of fresh laundry.


skirt VINTAGE (fleamarket)
wooljacket VINTAGE (fleamarket)
clutch VINTAGE (fleamarket)
ballerinas BESTELLE
hat TOPSHOP via zalando

I hope you have had a good half of the week so far. I will test some cool things for the blog and I promise to upload many nice things to my blog.


todays outfit

skirt VERO Moda
sweater H&M
nailpolish STRIPLAC surfin USA
sunglasses XRAY