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something new has reached my mailbox : ) thank you very much, I am happy to try these buggers. I have recently cut my hair to a long bob at COIFFURE WINTER  and also changed my haircolor to a granny grey. I will soon show you a more detailed change blogpost. stay tuned for that. and now back to the new products, what did I get?

Kerasilk CONTROL
shampoo with brilliant color protection


Kerasilk CONTROL
conditioner with brilliant color protection


Kerasilk CONTROL
smoothing fluid with brilliant color protection


this is definately something that I can use. changing my hair color really had an affect to the health of my hair. another thing is that I want to keep the color as long as possible and with this brilliant color protection I hope for the best. so, let me try these buggers and tell you what I like or dislike about them. X




ouff, it is monday night – two days after my birthday and I am processing all the joy and love from my party. it was an epic night – one to remember and keep close to the heart. again thank you to all my lovely friends for making it happen. thanks for all the gorgeous flowers and thanks for the delicious chocolate and olive oil. I got so many cool things, some of them are worth to blog about because I have never seen such things. stay tuned for more info.


now back to the HOME SWEET HOME topic, because today I wanna show you the small transformation of our guest room. we are not completely done – it will be a step by step change. so far I have flipped the black DRÖNA boxes by IKEA that are actually ment to be put in the IKEA shelf with the squares, I forgot the name of it and I used the black big binder paper clips to stack and secure them.


once you have built your desired shelf with the boxes and clips it is time to decorate the top.I am a big fan of WOHNREVUE and a stack of magazines always looks good. next to the magazines I put the new HOMMAGE d’ipuro ST ANTOINE candle and the ipuro season line diffuser in WHITE ORCHID. mhhmm, they are both super nice and together even better – scents are such a personal thing and
everyone has a different approach so just visit the next shop like DEPOT or MANOR and see for yourself which scents you like. next to the candle and diffuser I put the two MOLESKINE books one for travel and one for fashion. our future plan is to build two shelfes for all our electronic devices, office and creative stuff like folders, paint and other materials. I will soon show you the other side of the room with the new couch, that can be extended to a bed. we just had guests from poland and they said they liked to sleep on it. above the couch there is the world map with the pins – something that I have already shared with you – read more here >>



Gülten was one of the brave people that were up for a BIG CHANGE that was requested by Coiffure Winter. like this we want to show you the diversity of Stefanie Winter’s coiffure salon. there are so many ways to achieve a great change and we found three looks for three ladies. Coiffure Winter was responsible for the hair and makeUp / Claudia Link she took the final THE BIG CHANGE photos (click here to see all of them) and I was responsible for the styling and the documentation of the project. lets have a look at GÜLTEN’s change:

gueltenbefore THE CHANGE
the CHANGE has started.. there is no way back : )
we indeed had to cut some hair for the change but it will be absolutely worth it –
you will see.
gueltenthe CHANGE – the hair was cut and blow dried in order to make tiny corrections. and then she will be ready for the color transformation.

watching other people change is something really nice, especially when you like to document things. hands down, I already have my favorite but I wanna show you some photos of the other two ladies before I reveal my favorite.

thebigchange thebigchange

from blonde to purple and soon to be washed out purple look – what a change!
and now I wanna show you some steps of THE CHANGE from blonde to red with fringe:

look at her awesome long hair – no we didnt want to cut it but we wanted to
completely change her look by cutting fringe and dying her hair red.
Elvirawe had to cut some of her hair for the fringe – say good bye Elvi : )

are you ready to see the final THE CHANGE photos by Claudia Link?
and at this very moment I wanna say thank you to all of you! X


thechange thechange



my favorite CHANGE is the one above by Gülten <3



I was so so lucky on wednesday night when I fell with my bike and hit my knee,
elbow and head. I was not wearing a helmet and that is going to change now.
I checked the web for the best helmets and I found this very interesting statistic via ADAC and I found it very helpful. SAFE does not mean EXPENSIVE – that was the first thing that I noticed. I was quiet surprised about the prices of the helmets. below you can see the best helmets and the best one is the second cheapest.. so we have an overview of the prices and safety but we have not solved the STYLE issue…
helmets are not nice looking and are not stylish at all.. thats what I thought.. Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 10.57.04

and then I started an online search and I checked some of the brands from the ADAC test and was looking for a non sporty looking helmet.. the first brand that I checked was GIRO and I found a quiet simple looking helmet called QUARTER that is available in many colors. made out of ABS shell it is one of the lightest helmets ever made. they have different sizes and that brings me to another question that I had to answer, how to measure ones head for the correct helmet size. because it
really needs to fit. so check the photo below in case you need to measure your head to find a helmet. below the chart you can find the white QUARTER helmet.

Giro_H_Quarter_MatteWhiteCABear_34_1Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 11.05.18

another brand from the list was SCOTT and there I have found a funny round
looking one that does not scream GIRO D’ITALIA : ) the model is called TORUS and is available in different sizes: S, M, and L. this model that I am showing you is
nothing for big heads. check the size chart.


CASCO is another brand from the test and they have a helmet called URBANIC TC available in S = 50-56 cm / M = 56-69 cm / L = 59-63 cm / 80 EUROurbanicblack_cascohelme_5331427_m1257

the last helmet I want to show you is a more fancy one by YAKKAY called PARIS and I have not really found valid statistics about the safety. the helmet is made out of oiled fabric and looks like a hat. the cool thing is that you can change the cover of the hat and buy different covers. I only found size MEDIUM = 55 – 57 cm  89 EURO yakkay_weltrad_076_paris_blackoilskin

and during my research I was finding some local sellers of bike helmets and I called TRANSA and spoke to the lovely Rahel who recomended two other nice helmets.

BELL INTERSECT    bell_interselect.com

BERN BRENDWOODbern_brendwood

so now I know how to measure my head – which is btw 55 cm – and my two favorites are the GIRO QUARTER and the FAKKAY PARIS. somehow I feel like I need to try the helmet first before buying it and thats why I will check some shops for these two models. I will keep you posted about my helmet search via my SOCIAL MEDIA channels. stay tuned and ride safely! X


– my NINO BOLLAG look

– my NINO BOLLAG look –

black blouse NINO BOLLAG
printed blouse NINO BOLLAG
clutch VINTAGE
earrings H&M
sunglasses RAY BAN
nailpolish ESSIE
makeUP M.A.C.

photos taken by Cristian O.



FRIDAY NIGHT at BC GALLERY opening in BERLIN – more pictures will follow!

wearing my wonderful black white stripped leggings from PRIMARK which my friend Jasmin brought me back from London, together with an amazing black long blouse from NINO BOLLAG and my new black suede platform pumps by L’AUTRE CHOSE bought at RIVE GAUCHE Basel. jewelry from H&M and CHRISTIN WEBER.

what do you think about my new hair color?

photo taken by Luana M.


so many questions ???

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or should I change the URL to .com ???

atm I am working on a new design for my blog. its tough to make decisions because I have this design since 2010 and I am not sure if its really about time to change it completely 😉

we will see! xxx