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#KUMUMEET // Andrea Büttner // Shirley Jaffe // Charmion von Wiegand

Kunstmuseum Basel showcases three exhibitions featuring three powerful women in the art world: Andrea Büttner, Shirley Jaffe and Charmion von Wiegand. Each exhibition provided a unique perspective on the work of these artists and their contributions to contemporary art. I was invited to the #KUMUMEET event and got to visit all three exhibitions with guided tours by the curators. 

Andrea Buettner Kumumeet

Andrea Buettner Kumumeet 2023


Andrea Büttner‘s exhibition explored the relationship between art, religion, and society. Her work is often characterized by a minimalist approach, with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity of form. Büttner’s use of materials such as woodcuts, etchings, and textiles highlights the handmade and personal nature of her work. Her exhibition at the Kunstmuseum included a range of pieces, including sculptures, installations, and prints. 

Andrea Buettner Kumumeet 2023Shirley Jaffee Kumumeet


Shirley Jaffe‘s exhibition highlighted her unique approach to abstract art. Jaffe was a key figure in the New York School of Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s, and her work often combines geometric shapes with vibrant colors. Her exhibition at the Kunstmuseum featured a range of works, including paintings, drawings, and prints.

Shirley Jaffee Kumumeet

Shirley Jaffee KumumeetCharmion von Wiegand Kumumeet 2023

Charmion von Wiegand Kumumeet 2023Charmion von Wiegand‘s exhibition explored her contributions to the geometric abstraction movement. Von Wiegand was a member of the American Abstract Artists group in the 1930s and 1940s and her work often incorporates Islamic and Eastern philosophical concepts. Her exhibition at the Kunstmuseum included a range of pieces, including paintings, drawings, and collages. One notable piece was “Interlaced Triangles,” a painting that showcased von Wiegand’s use of geometry and color.

Charmion von Wiegand Kumumeet 2023

The #kumumeet event at the Kunstmuseum provided an opportunity to engage with these artists and their contributions to contemporary art. Visitors to the museum were able to experience firsthand the unique perspectives and creative visions of these three remarkable women. Whether exploring themes of religion and society, abstract expressionism, or geometric abstraction, each artist showcased in these exhibitions made an indelible mark on the world of art and culture.

Taken together, these three exhibitions were a testament to the power of women in the art world. Each artist had her own unique voice and style, and their works spoke to a wide range of themes and ideas. The #kumumeet at Kunstmuseum was a celebration of this diversity, and a reminder of the important role that women continue to play in shaping the world of art.