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makeup in a stick1 SMASHBOX L.A. LIGHTS / beverly hills blush
2 NYX / wonder stick WS04

these sticks are perfect for on the go. the things that come in handy when travelling or putting together a touchup makeup bag for your purse. I love it when makeup becomes convenient and thats very much the case with these two buggers. the SMASHBOX L.A. LIGHTS blush stick is also for the lips, so its a 2in1 product, yay! the NYX wonder stick is great for contouring and highlighting. first I thought I could use the light color as a concealer but noo, I would not advise to do so, as it has a shimmery texture and finish to it. so as I said, both of these products are great for on the way as they will not leak nor break due to their smart packaging.

what I got in my makeUp bag:

eyelash curler
smashbox blush and cheek stick
NYX wonder stick
lip balm

whats in your makeUp bag? let me know. sharing is caring, right? X



my favorite bronzing powders

#1 MACCOSMETICS wash&dry collection

#2 CLINIQUE true bronze

#3 ESTÉE LAUDER bronze goddess

these are my favorite bronzing powders – I use for sure one of them every day. I am a huge bronzing powder fan and also love the new sculpting/contouring trend. eventhough the look very similar in the photo above, they are in fact not. #1 is a matte bronzing powder with absolutely no glitter or shine, this is perfect for all year around and is also a great color to use as an eyeshadow. #2 this one has a tiny bit of shimmer and glitter and is a touch warmer than the one previously mentioned. I dont like the brush that comes with it, somehow I was not able to achieve a nice and smooth looking bronzing/contouring with it. #3 this bronzing powder is a great mix between the first and second, it is not shimmery and has no glitter and shine but it is also not absolutely matte. a wonderful bronzing powder for throughout the year.




one of my favorite looks – the bronzed sunkissed look. I can wear this everyday and never get tired of it. so one of my newer bronzing powders is the SUNKISSED by CLINIQUE and I gotta tell you that I am very much in love with this bugger. the product comes with a brush but I rather use one of my brushes to apply it. the brush that comes with the product can be very handy for short trips where you dont want to pack too many makeup products. in case u wanna shop it now – here is the link «

as I use bronzing powder almost every day I have quiet a variety of different ones. most of them are by M.A.C. 🙂 but I also have bronzingpoweders by BOBBI BROWN. TOM FORD. CLINIQUE. CATRICE. WET’N WILD and CLARINS.

whats your favorite bronzing product?