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something for my colored hair and my dry scalp.”

my friend Amanda, who works at the KIEHLS booth inside MANOR Basel was so nice to set me up with some samples to try. She recommended the KIEHLS SUNFLOWER shampoo and conditioner together with the MAGIC ELIXIR for my dry scalp and colored hair.

so what did I do?
last night before going to bed, I massaged the MAGIC ELIXIR oil into my scalp and gently moved the oil from the roots to the ends. I wrapped a towel around my head and went to bed. This morning my hair looked sooo greasy but it smelled very very good. So I used the SUNFLOWER shampoo and conditioner to wash out the oil. And the result is stunning. My scalp is not dry anymore, no dandruff and my colored hair shines super bright!

would I buy these products?
I would definitely buy the MAGIC ELIXIR OIL and the SUNFLOWER CONDITIONER. The Shampoo I didnt like so much as it leaves a funny feeling on the hair and this only goes away once you have applied conditioner. I feel like the shampoo dries out my hair and I dont like that.

stay tuned for more things that I have tried out!



MAC eye shadow palette

one of my very very favourite eyeshadows are the ones from M.A.C.

As my eyes are a mix between green and brown I use orange and red tones to bring out the green. For everyday and bright lip looks I use the lighter shimmery silver and gold shades.

At the moment I wear COPPERING a lot – its a rusty bronzy red (second row right) together with the light shimmery green (top row left) for a more dramatic eye or just simple with black eyeliner – for both looks I would wear my favourite nude lipstick MODESTY.
The missing color is BRULE – a matt beige tone. I will have to repurchase it asap.

visit my friend at the M.A.C. booth inside DOUGLAS BASEL xxx