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SPRING/SUMMER 2015 at London Fashion Week

look: “Fresh faced, iridescent and luminous.”
lead artist: Lucia Pieroni using NARS Cosmetics

Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

Stick Concealer

Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder


Violet Atom Multiple from the Christopher Kane for NARS Collection (launching May 2015) !!

South Beach Multiple (for darker skin tones)


Violet Atom Multiple from the Christopher Kane for NARS Collection (launching May 2015) !!

South Beach Multiple (for darker skin tones)


Violet Atom Multiple from the Christopher Kane for NARS Collection (launching May 2015)

South Beach Multiple (for darker skin tones)




thank you Helga Fuchs for answering all my questions regarding BODYZONE COSMETIC & SPA. It was really nice to meet you and your team.

as I was leaving for holidays I really needed a PEDICURE and the lovely Nuria Gaudard was doing an amazing job. they use the ESSIE collection and I had a hard time choosing my favorite color as there are sooo many. in the end I decided to go for the bright red called GERANIUM and I havent regreted it yet – after 10 days of holiday my toenails still look great. thank you very much and for sure I will return!

BODYZONE is working with the BIOMARIS products that already rely on 75 years of experience! as the name implies they use products from the sea. there are different lines like: BASICS – YOUNG LINE – RICH CARE CONCEPT – CLASSIC LINE – ANTI AGING LINE – BIOMARIS MED – BIOMARIS NATURE – AROMA THALASSO LINE – JONATHAN by BIOMARIS and BEAUTY COLORS – and I can not wait to be using one of these products.

here you can find all the different treatments they offer >>

stay tuned for my photos from my holiday with a shoe special where you can see my gorgeous pedicure. xx



I finally found the time to tell you about some amazing new things. let me start from left to right. a couple of weeks ago I was invited to ZH to the Blaue Ente Restaurant to attend the L’Occitane Aromachologie presentation. thank you very much for having me there and for the amazing goodiebag. so whats new from their side. ?? As we know that they support many fairtrade projects and work animal cruelty free it doesnt surprise me that they have decided to switch from plastic to glass containers. indeed, glass is a lot easier to recycle – also the looks of the bottles have a very vintage touch and all this truly underlines the visions of Olivier Baussan, the founder of L’Occitane.

Brume D’Oreiller Relaxante
Huile de Massage Relaxante
Pochettes Parfumees Relaxantes

there are two new lines by L’Occitane, the relaxante and tonifiante rituals. either for the morning or night with a touch of lemon, rosemary, grapefruit, mint, oranges, lavender or almondoil. have a wonderful day and an even better night!

one of my all time favorites is the Brume D’Oreiller Relaxante Spray. OMG – it makes my bed smell like a SPA! thats what I want, a nice, calm, good smelling place to spend relaxing hours of sleep and thats what you get with this product. my bottle is already half thru because I use it almost every night. I spritz a couple of times all over my bed, pillow and sheets and enjoy the natural fragrance and zzZZZZzzz

also I wanted to share with you my magazines that I have found at the KIOSK at the German railway station in Basel. BLONDEWOHNREVUEFRÄULEIN – which are your favorite magazines?

and then last but not least I wanna tell you about yesterdays SISLEY Paris presentation at the DOLDER GRAND in Zurich. ooh lala, what an amazing location. I felt like a princess and was eager to check out the new products by SISLEY. thanks so much for all the goodies. I am a fan of the eau tropical and I adore the Masque Creme a la Rose Noire. Have you tried the SUNLEYA sunscreen by SISLEY? I didnt do that yet but I will bring this little bugger to Ticino, yes I am spending the weekend in the Italian part of Switzerland. Cant wait!! I will get back to you in detail about the new SISLEY products that will be available in September 2014. stay tuned. xx




I am such a huge mask lover and apply them 2 to 4 times a week. One of my favorite makeUp artists, Lisa Eldridge recommended the SISLEY masques for dry skin and long haul flights! So when I was sitting in the Airbus 380 on my way to San Francisco I used a sample of the SISLEY EXPRESS FLOWER GEL and I loved it. Now let me introduce 4 different face masks by SISLEY PARIS – lets start from left to right!

#EXPRESS FLOWER GEL hydrating, toning and firming mask
Apply all over face, except eye area, after 3 minutes blot to absorb excess. do not rinse off. hydrates tones and softens the skin!

#RADIANT GLOW EXPRESS MASK cleansing with red clay
Apply all over face, except eye area, absorbs impurities and deep-cleanses the skin. Gives an instant radiance boost. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse with water!

#BLACK ROSE CREAM MASK smoothing, plumbing, brightening
Apply all over face, except eye area, 2 to 3 times a week. wipe away any excess after 10 to 15 minutes!

#FACIAL MASK with linden blossom
Apply all over face, except eye area, once or twice a week. this mask helps to relax and smooth the face. Remove with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MASK is the #BLACK ROSE CREAM MASK I seriously want to apply this mask every night 🙂 I prefere masks where you do not have to rinse off excess with water because I apply the mask before going to bed and leave it on during my sleep.

are you a mask lover too? which products do you use and recommend?



M.A.C. makeup artists in action.

It was really nice to see MANUELA FREY among the models now I am really curious about the fashionshow!

MANY THANKS to M.A.C. for the amazing goodie bag! love it!



the new AESOP hair treatment!

I have been using it for the last couple of weeks and I gotta say it is really an amazing oil. 2-3 drops are enough for mid length hair. I use it as an everyday conditioner in the midlenght or as a mask applying it from the roots to the ends. The smell of it might not be everyones cup of tea.. but for the folks who know AESOP they will like the smell for sure! It makes my hair shinier and brighter. Especially for dyed hair it shows great effects and makes the color shine like a diamond!

AESOP SHINE – 25 ml for 41 CHF

for the people in Basel
please check AESOP
at Spalenberg 24 | opening hours |
Monday to Friday 10am–6:30pm
Saturday 10am–5pm
Sunday Closed
Tel: +41 (0)61 261 40 05


B E I G E S P E C I A L # 2


blazer CAMAIEU
overknees H&M
platform sandals BRASH
necklace VINTAGE

makeUp M.A.C.

model JASWANT S. (@Scout)

styling, makeUp and photos by isawsomethingnice.ch
location LYSBÜCHEL (Basel, Switzerland)

It was such a pleasure to have Jaswant in front of my lense for my blog. I will show you 3 different beige creme white colored looks on her and would be so happy to inspire you to mix and dismatch more often because its just such an easy way to look amazingly fashionable!

enjoy mixing! xx


M.A.C Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow

eyeshadow experience like nothing that you have seen or used before, thats how M.A.C. introduces the VELUXE PEARLFUSION shadows. To be honest, I have not tried the shadows yet – they will be out for sale in august 2013.

the shadows can be used either wet or dry and cost 60 CHF
these are the six colors

Pastelluxe perfect for every day or an almost nude look
Greenluxe perfect for green and grey eyes
day and night
Brownluxe perfect for everyone day and night
Smokeluxe perfect for a party night out
Pinkluxe perfect for the unique summer feeling
Bleuluxe perfect for blue and brown eyes day and night


last night was a blast

“paris c’est chic” birthday party at jägerhalle basel – thanks to my friends!

ottavio took some photos with his good camera – these photos will follow soon! stay tuned! xx

dress H&M
coat ONLY
hairband ZARA
makeUp M.A.C.


my TALLY WEIJL look #2

my TALLY WEIJL look #2 // part two – mix what you have –
bright colors – patterns – prints – embellishment

tally weijl online shop (very similar t-shirt – somehow the one I have is only available in regular TALLY WEIJL shops)

tally weijl online shop (very similar pants – somehow the ones I have are only available in regular TALLY WEIJL shops)

outfit #2
top and pants TALLY WEIJL
blazer H&M
shoes OXMOX
earrings CLAIRES
makeUP M.A.C.


floral pants print t-shirt rose blazer green earrings brown shoes black bag – you must think I try to mix all the no-goes into one outfit? – indeed I try to do that! I think fashion is so much about experiencing and you can try to kill an outfit in a positive way by adding more very different things to it. Mix it!


M.A.C mineralize foundation

today I had a photoshoot with Lea Olivia Giana Hummel – she took amazing photos – thanks Lea!

todays MAKEup

M.A.C. Mineralize Foundation SPF 15
M.A.C. Rebel lipstick
M.A.C. Dark Diversion Fluidline Eyeliner
M.A.C. Bronzer

I really love the MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation and use it almost everyday. Before using the Mineralize Foundation I used the MAC Matchmaster Foundation – still a favourite of mine but I dont use it everyday anymore. The cool thing about the Mineralize Foundation is that it has such an amazing natural finish, as if you would not be wearing foundation at all but still has enough coverage to cover my redness. Thanks M.A.C. – always my true friend when it comes to MakeUp for photoshoots!

check out M.A.C.





ladies and gentlemen – may I proudly present you my friend Zaira – she is rocking this black and white outfit! the black pants by KAVIAR GAUCHE for zalando collection are just perfect for a simple but elegant black and white look! I combined the black pants with a white dress shirt, a black blouson with black wedges boots, a small wallet instead of a bag and black leather gloves.

black pants by
KAVIAR GAUCHE for zalando collection

blouson by

blouse VIKTOR & ROLF for H&M
pants KAVIAR GAUCHE for zalando collection
boots & gloves ZARA
wallet (present from) TURKISH AIRLINES
jewelry VINTAGE
makeUP M.A.C.
(lipstick RUSSIAN RED / eyeshadow VEX / foundation MINERALIZE eyeliner BLACK TRACK)

model ZAIRA
styling by isawsomethingnice.ch


M.A.C. temperature rising

M.A.C. temperature rising collection is out now

aaahhh -sigh!! – so hot!!
I can not wait for summer!!

I will be perfectly prepared with these awesome bright sparkling colors from the new M.A.C. “temperature rising” collection!

the golden blush/bronzer is a true must have for this summer!!!

If you are from Basel then check MANOR, DOUGLAS or GLOBUS


RAY BAN shades

I am so in love with my golden RAY BAN shades.. I bought them several years ago and am so proud that I still have them.. usually I lose my sunglasses very easy or scratch them so hard that I can not wear them anymore…

so, I changed my haircolor to a copper red and I think it goes really well with my golden sunglasses and the frost BC 96 lipstick by M.A.C.
every now and then some change can not harm! xx