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favorite cup


awww.. I got these lovely cups from my grandma and I used to play with them when I was a child. drinking out of these today brings back lots of memories – only good memories. our grandma let us (my cousins and me) drink coffee (of course diluted with milk) and this made us feel like tiny grown-ups. I am so happy that we took such good care of the cups so that I can still enjoy them and embrace the flashback that comes with them.

so with christmas around the corner I am getting into a cozy mood and I decided to celebrate my tea and coffee times a bit more – et voila! I wish you all a happy monday and lets start an amazing week! xx



backlash Japan

I am showing you MENs wear – a japanes designer with love for leather, patterns and dark fabric.

my must-have piece of their coats is the fury cozy cardigan jacket. yeah, I am not kidding – I would wear this right away!  perfect for layering a fall/winter look underneath – combined with jeans or an elegant black dress with boots – a passepartout for these cold days!

>>  fury cardigan blazer   >>

I just read that he sells his collection in paris in a pop up store. I will keep you all posted about that. xx