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Design Miami Basel 2017

Design Miami Basel 2017

Like every year I am visiting the Design Miami Basel show which takes place in hall 1, right next to the Art Basel venue. There were so many nice things to show you and I have tried my best to give you a glimpse of what I saw this year.
About Design Miami Basel 2017
Design Miami/ is the global forum for design. Each fair brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators, and critics from around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce. Occurring alongside the Art Basel fairs in Miami each December and Basel, Switzerland, each June, Design Miami/ has become the premier venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing, and creating collectible design. For more information, please visit designmiami.com.

Scholten & Baijings
The Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings, Japanese Architect Sano Fumihiko, and kimono designer Takahashi Hiroko have teamed up to celebrate four hundred years of Arita porcelain and will present a new Arita collection of twenty-seven pieces of tableware. To produce these dishes, the team applied abstract patterns of traditional motifs, studied Arita’s historical collections, sifted through museums and the archives of the Hataman Touen pottery and, in the process, rediscovered and brought back to life long-forgotten techniques.

Design Miami Basel 2017
Scholten & Baijings
Design at Large

Design Miami Basel 2017
Courtesy of Circe

Design Miami Basel 2017 has tapped the visionary mind of notable American fashion designer Thom Browne to bring to life the 2017 Design at Large installation. This is the first time a fashion designer will conceive the ambitious, large-scale presentation. Known for his conceptual installations, Browne will exhibit a vast grid of the most important desks from the last one hundred years, including statement pieces from masters such as Jean Prouvé and Ron Arad, beside the set installation from his Fall / Winter 2014 Men’s Runway Show. Alongside the centennial of significant desks in design history, the exhibition will be animated by a choreographed performance conceived specifically for Design at Large focusing on young design students and their creative interactions with the installation. This performance will mark the current shifts in traditional work styles, question the desk typology, and reconsider today’s adapted styles of working.

Design Miami Basel 2017
Courtesy of Dan and Corina Lecca 

Political Responses in Design
Reflections of the politics of our times can often be found in design objects and architecture. Galerie Patrick Seguin presents a demountable 6 x 9–meter Jean Prouvé house from 1944, which was conceived for easy assemblage and to house large families in response to eastern France suffering great damages from the Second World War. The architecture collective BBPR, formed in 1932 by Gianluigi Banfi, Lodovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso, Enrico Peressutti, and Ernesto Nathan Rogers, initially adhered to Fascism, but soon became part of the resistance––Banfi and Di Belgiojoso were imprisoned at the Mathausen concentration camp where Banfi died, and Rogers, being of Jewish descent, was exiled from Italy to Switzerland. Their works are shown at Nilufar Gallery, Galleria Rossella Colombari, Casati Gallery, and Gate 5.

Design Miami Basel 2017
6×9 Demountable HouseJean Prouvé, 1944/ Courtesy of Galerie Patrick Seguin

Gallery Program Design Miami Basel 2017
ammann//gallery/ Cologne
Antonella Villanova/ Florence
Caroline Van Hoek/ Brussels
Carpenters Workshop Gallery/ Paris, London & New York
Casati Gallery/ Chicago
Chamber/ New York
Cristina Grajales Gallery/ New York
Dansk Møbelkunst Gallery/ Copenhagen & Paris
Demisch Danant/ New York
Erastudio Apartment-Gallery/ Milan
Etage Projects/ Copenhagen
Friedman Benda/ New York
Galerie Alain Marcelpoil/ Paris
Galerie Eric Philippe/ Paris
Galerie Jacques Lacoste/ Paris
Galerie kreo/ Paris & London
Galerie Maria Wettergren/ Paris
Galerie Matthieu Richard/ Paris
Galerie Pascal Cuisinier/ Paris
Galerie Patrick Seguin/ Paris & London
Galerie Philippe Gravier/ Paris
Galerie VIVID/ Rotterdam
Galleria Rossella Colombari/ Milan
Galleri Feldt/ Copenhagen & Berlin
Gallery ALL/ Los Angeles & Beijing
Gallery FUMI/ London
Gate 5/ Monaco
Giustini Stagetti/ Galleria O. Roma/ Rome
Heritage Gallery/ Moscow
Hostler Burrows/ New York
Jousse Entreprise/ Paris
LAFFANOUR – Galerie Downtown/ Paris
Magen H Gallery/ New York
MANIERA/ Brussels
Marc Heiremans/ Brussels
Mercado Moderno/ Rio de Janeiro
Nilufar Gallery/ Milan
Ornamentum/ Hudson
Pierre Marie Giraud/ Brussels
R & Company/ New York
Robert Zehil Gallery/ Monte Carlo
Salon 94 Design/ New York
Sarah Myerscough Gallery/ London
Siegelson/ New York
Thomas Fritsch – ARTRIUM/ Paris
Todd Merrill Studio
Victor Hunt Designart Dealer/ Brussels
Curios Design Miami Basel 2017
88 Gallery/ Hong Kong & Paris
Atelier Swarovski/ London
Label Dalbin/ Paris
OV Project/ Brussels
Oscar Humphries/ London
Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design/ Heusden aan de Maas
Scholten & Baijings/ Amsterdam
Sokyo Gallery/ Kyoto
Suzanne Syz/ Geneva


 Audemars Piguet at ART Basel 2016
Audemars Piguet presented a new series of moving image and photographic works by Dan Holdsworth at the Audemars Piguet booth, designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, in the Collectors Lounge at Art Basel (16 – 19 June 2016).
As already mentioned, the lounge is designed by Chilean born, New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz. The theme of the stand is based on ‘Water and Ice’. And when I asked him what was behind the idea of the design he answered:
“whats incredible, because of the snow and the ice Le Brassus for long time it has always been isolated. so for six to nearly eight months a year they were blocked out. so this notion that you are completely isolated was actually what gave them the time to develop their technology. they had nothing else to do. so this problem becomes actually something benefitial for them and for us. why not bringing back that driving force as a concept. Originally we wanted a qiant slab of ice inside this space. Audemars Piguet was interested, Art Basel was like: no way it is happening. so we started thinking how do we symbolize this idea in a more economically responsible way.”
The result of his idea is what you can see in the photos below. Sebastian created the design of the booth around the theme of ice, water and winter in the Vallée de Joux. I personally like the ice tank that you can see in the first photo the best. I can stare at it forever!
Another thing that I found out at the press conference was, that the design is inspired by one of Sebastian’s childhood memories. The memory of water dripping into a bucket and the distinct natural rhythm that this caused. Taking inspiration from the visual design codes of ice formations and the beautiful snowed winters in Le Brassus and the Vallée de Joux, the new collectors lounge features a more spacious and luminous design language that resonates with contemporary creative energy. The design reflects the clean purity of nature and the presence of time.


I really like the new Audemars Piguet booth and I could relate very much to the ideas behind the design by Sebastian Errazuriz. Above and below you can see the art deco inspired lamps that fit perfectly into the whole design of the lounge.



Artist, designer and activist Sebastian Errazuriz has received international acclaim for his original and provocative works on a variety of areas and disciplines. Tackling everything from political artworks to giant public art projects, experimental furniture to product design and women’s shoes to motorcycles, Sebastian’s work is always surprising and compelling, inviting the viewer to look again at realities that were often hidden in front of their own eyes.

in case you did not know about him you should def check his website and see his amazing design pieces. one of my favorite is the soup plate that does not need to be tilted to get the last couple of spoons of soup. another cool piece, that I like a lot, is the chop stick that has a fork on one end and can be either used as a fork or broken into chopsticks. besides these he designed really cools shoes but have a look for yourself >> http://www.meetsebastian.com


Inside the booth designed by Sebastian Errazuriz there were a very limited amount of watches in display and the beautiful art works by Dan Holdsworth. Unfortunately I did not have time to visit the gallery in ZH but I did see some of his work online and inside the collectors lounge.

The details of a new series of photographic works by Dan Holdsworth has been premiered on the Audemars Piguet booth in the collectors lounge at Art Basel’s show in Basel. 
These photographic pieces explore the unique geological formations found in Audemars Piguet’s home, the Vallée de Joux in the Jura Mountains. By referencing the epic timescales by which these rock formations were formed, the works will invite the viewer to reimagine their relationship with time.
Holdsworth’s new moving image work will be accompanied by photographic pieces exploring the unique geological formations found in Audemars Piguet’s home at le Vallée de Joux. In parallel with the new works presented by Audemars Piguet in Basel, Holdsworth’s solo show, A Future Archeology, will open at SCHEUBLEIN + BAK, Zurich on 1 June, running until 2 September 2016. The exhibition will premiere new works from his Continuous Topography and Spatial Objects series, exploring the landscape of the Mont Blanc glacier using the same pioneering technologies to map out the fine detail of the region.


thank you Audemars Piguet for inviting me and organizing my interview with Sebastian Errazuriz. It was a pleasure to feature your booth on my blog. Llike every year it was a blast to be at Art Basel and get the chance to see so many nice things. thank you all! X


Nico Huser Nico Huser Nico Huser

NICO HUSER “Die kleinen Helfer des Alltages”
Sven Adolph
Prof. Dr. Claude Enderle

I am in love with the simple office objects he designed for his Diploma and in my opinion it would be the perfect present for architects and graphic designers, or designers in general.


LORENA DAEHLER “Keramik im Design – Materialität, Handwerk und Regionalismus”
Nicole Schneider
Prof. Dr. Ralf Trachte

beautiful forms, materials and colors, loving the combination of metal and ceramics. I would absolutely buy something like this be it for myself or as a present for friends and family.





TOM PRICE – synthesis

Design Miami Basel

I visited Design Miami Basel and I absolutely fell in love with the pieces by TOM PRICE at the Victor Hunt Designart Dealers booth. I took so many photos of his work and I decided to share as many as possible with you. in fact I have to say that I actually like (my) photos a lot better than the actual poles. I dont like the shape of the work but I am very much fascinated by the inside and all the amazing encounters of different colors and materials.

Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel

synthesis is the study of a dialogue between two contrasting materials – resin and tar – and their negotiation for space and identity when forced to become a single unified entity. petal-like cracks and fissures formed through a careful manipulation of the catalysing process of the resin cluster and interact with amorphous invasive bodies of tar, which loom – apparently suspended in space. the tar initially appears densely black, almost light-absorbent, but upon closer inspection, a network of fine green vapour trails can be seen drifting from a surface partially melted by the exothermic reaction of the curing resin. as the tar heats it expands, searching for pathways within the resin and rushes to claim open fissures, creating wafer thin golden slivers of coral-like protuberances. the effects of the synthesis of these two disparate elements – one black and dense; the other clear and liquid – results in a riot of colour and explosive formations that engage on both a macro and micro level.

Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel





today was the last day of blickfang basel. I think this year has been a success as there were a lot of people at hall 3.

I absolutely loved the subtle design of the iranian fashion label LIDA NOBA and will def keep an eye on her future work. it was also super nice to chat with her about Iran and its fashion culture.


another cool label is AIKYOU the lingerie brand for small busts. they use bio cotton and produce their collection in germany. thats awesome and especially when you consider the prices – read more about them here <<


and then I discovered the beautiful ceramics by andrea baumann from austria. I am thinking about getting some for my bathroom to put my daily jewelry or for the kitchen to put salt or nuts 🙂


and I can not decide between the white with the golden edge or the white one with the golden inside…

that was my three day BLICKFANG report – I hope you liked all the things I showed you. have a lovely evening and a good start tomorrow.

PS: tonight my blog will be offline – but I try to be back ASAP 🙂



aww, thats such a nice table – maybe a bit over my budget 😉 but who cares anyway – I am talking about the UN tables made out of old doors. in case you wanna read more about them click here << 






WINTER IN HOLLAND has a very lovely booth with hand made wash clothes. incase you wanna read more about the idea behind this label click here >> 




have you ever heard of the 8 pandas?
I did for the first time yesterday at BLICKFANG and I am very
impressed! dishes made out of bamboo – unfortunately not made for the
microwave so it will be nothing for me but they are dishwasher proof!
read more about the 8panda here <<



aww what a nice weekender bag and the best thing about it is that the bag is super light – perfect for a weekend trip! NOTO is a german brand and in case you wanna read more click here >>



has so many nice things – seriously I dunno were to start! they have
beautiful things for the kitchen, nice deco things and lots of gorgeous
makeup. I will for sure visit their shop a bit more often – it is in
Basel at Spalenberg 38 – read more about them here >>




– THIS IS PARK are from St Gallen in Switzerland and sell a nice
variety of leather bags. again I liked the weekender bag the best – what
does that say about me 🙂 read more about the label here >>



lovely earrings by FRAISE & FRAMBOISE
– my favorite one is the one with the rose stones hanging in front and
in the back of the ear. the label is from Zurich and in case you are
interested to know more about Nicoles collection then click here <<

that was it from DAY ONE of Blickfang, lets see what there is to show today!
see you there at hall 3. X



it is that time of the year again when we gather at MESSE BASEL at hall 3 to see all the lovely design pieces within three days! today the doors open at 2 pm and I will try to be there in order to have enough time to see everything and not to be stressed.

schedule / location

FRI 2-10 PM
SAT 11- 8 PM
SUN 11- 7 PM

see you there in case you wanna see all my photos from the previous BLICKFANG fairs then click here <<


COLLARNECKLACES by isawomethingnice.ch

pointed fakeleather collarnecklace are available via my ETSY shop


a great accessories piece to pimp up your outfit! available in different colors and materials – fakeleather or felt – pointed, angled or round – embellished or not. 25 CHF / 35 CHF / 50 CHF excl. shippingcosts


location: CONTO 4056
Team: Idris, Linda, Simona, D, Anina, Thorben




thank you very much for inviting me to this years Audemars Piguet press day during the Art Basel 2014. It was a wonderful day and I have met so many interesting people. I really enjoyed the AXA tour thru the Art Unlimited and also the tour of the Audemars Piguet booth.

Mathieu Lehanneur – designer – Audemars Piguet Lounge for Art Basel 2014
Kurt Hentschläger – video artist – Audemars Piguet Lounge for Art Basel 2014

FB: facebook.com/audemarspiguet
Twitter: twitter.com/AudemarsPiguet
Instagram: instagram.com/audemarspiguet



backlash Japan

I am showing you MENs wear – a japanes designer with love for leather, patterns and dark fabric.

my must-have piece of their coats is the fury cozy cardigan jacket. yeah, I am not kidding – I would wear this right away!  perfect for layering a fall/winter look underneath – combined with jeans or an elegant black dress with boots – a passepartout for these cold days!

>>  fury cardigan blazer   >>

I just read that he sells his collection in paris in a pop up store. I will keep you all posted about that. xx





I visited VOID showroom in Paris during fashionweek to see my friends collection – ROGGYKEI – I love their SPRING SUMMER 2014 collection!

such a cute print and amazing statement jewelry/accessories pieces!

my two must have pieces are the black embellished necklace accessorie and printed scarf!

ROGGYKEI (japan)


R O B E R T & J O S I A N E s k i n c a r e

I was at the changemakershop in Basel, Switzerland  and discovered this amazing skincare brand called ROBERT AND JOSIANE. I liked their products so much that I wanted to feature them on my blog and therefore I asked them 4 questions about themselves and their brand.

Thank you so much for your time Robert and Josiane!

1. How did Robert & Josiane start their business – whats the background?
We’re a couple that realised in the late nineties, that we wanted to extend our romantic relationship into our daily work. After a few years of looking for the right field we came upon cosmetics. With
Robert as a biologist with his love for nature and his talent to experiment with ingredients, and Josiane as a former teacher with her passion for scents and poetry, we were the perfect match also for our new project. The result is an outstanding line of natural cosmetic products, a source of wellbeing and full of poetry.

2. How do you come up with such great names and packaging?

Each product is inspired by personal experiences and moments of our lives. Our Body Lotion “Die Gärten von Alfabia” (The Gardens of Alfabia) for instance is a remembrance of a stroll in the peaceful gardens of Alfabia on the island of Mallorca. And with “Die Wilde” (Soap Bar) we tried to catch the feeling of standing at the West Coast of British Columbia, where Robert lived during the first years of his childhood.

3. Where do you sell your products?

They can of course be purchased at our Webshop. But also in pharmacies, organic shops and concept stores.

4. What is the newest product or is there something new in the pipeline that you could share?

Our latest product is our facial cream “Tagundnachtgleiche” (“Equinox”), with the wonderful oil from raspberry seeds. The next product to appear will be our winter product “Wunder-bar”, which is a body butter scented with spanish cistus and moroccan cedar. Just perfect for cuddling and for dry skin. As a seasonal product it’s available in winter only.