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new chloe fleur de parfum


I got something new and here is what I found out about it. free, modern and feminin. in 2008 CHLOÉ created a unique rose, radiant and fresh with lots of grace. it was very distinctive so much that it became the olfactory signature of the CHLOÉ fashion label. this special flower is the perfect symbol for delicateness  and natural elegance, which make the creations of CHLOÉ so desirable.
CHLOÉ – fleur de parfum
the rose of CHLOÉ has many facets. in the last 8 years this rose scent has always been construed and presented in new dimensions but always kept its distinct CHLOÉ touch. today there is a new varation of this iconic rose gracing the gardens of CHLOÉ: FLEUR DE PARFUM. this scent tells a completely new olfactory story and concentrates on the heart of the flower, the source of the rich and velvety fragrance. CHLOÉ fleur de parfum is pure sensuality.
CHLOÉ fleur de parfum is a generous bouquet solely made out of the delicate and precious  components of the flowers, their hearts. artistically composed by the master perfumers Michel Almairac and Myène Alran to create an exclusive perfume.
the main piece-rate is coming from the heart of the rose. unexpectedly it develops a light touch that reminds of the scent of raspberries. never before has the CHLOÉ rose presented itself in such a fruity way. the heart of verbena adds a glowing fresh and green dimension and refines the luxurious heart of the rose. the heart of the cherry blossom mixes with milky almond notes. full of sweetness and lust they elegantly top off the composition.
a new hue for a perfume icon. FLEUR DE PARFUM remains true to the characteristic flacon of the CHLOÉ signature line. the tender beige and ivory scent presents itself with a touch of pink. the delicate hues that shimmer trough the glas of the flacon are typically CHLOÉ and also they picked up the handmade bow. the luxurious flacon kept its characterisitc look: the geometric form, the silver shining metal label, the rounded oval cap and the tender pleated glas represents the perfect elegance of CHLOÉ.
since fall 2015 actress and model DREE HEMINGWAY is the face for the CHLOÉ fragrances. for the new FLEUR DE PARFUM she was photographed by Inez and Vinoodh. the impressive black and white photo perfectly captures the esprit of CHLOÉ.
EAU DE PARFUM 30ml  around   97 CHF
EAU DE PARFUM 50ml  around 128 CHF
EAU DE PARFUM 75ml  around 151 CHF
available from SEPTEMBER 2016 in all the shops that sell CHLOÉ fragrances online and in-store. I absolutely love the CHLOÉ fragrances and was super happy to receive this PR sample. it is nevertheless not a sponsored post 🙂 I am a huge fan of the original CHLOÉ eau de parfum and the new EAU DE PARFUM is great for the days when I need a bit more energy.

ESPRIT shopping haul

esprit shopping haul

esprit shopping haul:
#1 hat
#2 pants

I found these two amazing pieces at the esprit shop in basel and luckily these pieces are also available online via the espritshop.ch. orange is a great elegant statement color and at the moment you can see this kind of hat in all the shops. I wanted to have a pompom that is made out of fakefur and was very surprised to see that this one is in fact fake fur, yay! it does look real, and thats the thing nowadays, you can not tell real from fake. for me these two things symbolice fall/winter. orange reminds me of halloween and pumpkin soup. the fake fur pompom makes me think about skiing in the mountains. the pattern of the 7/8 length pants is again really big this fall/winter. you can see lots of plaid skirts, coats, dresses and pants.


WHITE ideas


for quiet some time I was looking for a white oversized sweater and finally I found one when I was strolling thru the H&M in Weil am Rhein. the cut is really oversized as I am wearing the size XS and I feel it is quiet big already. so today I wanna show you two different versions of the white shirt: a casual one – the one you can see above and below and an elegant one that will follow.


top H&M
pants C&A
shoes TAMARIS via zalando.ch
clutch ÖGON DESIGN via labelleboutique.ch
earrings PIECES Screen shot 2015-05-17 at 22.13.14IMG_7220

I really had an amazing sunday today – I slept until eleven and then had a nice breakfast followed by some blog work and delicious frozen joghurt – mmmhhhmmm. then I took these photos and in the end I found time to sit at the rhein in the sun. now I wanna show you the same shirt in a more elegant way – have a look:


same shirt different style. thats done very easily with such a bling bling sequin skirt like this one. I am so glad I waited for it to be on SALE and cost half as much as it would have before. : ) and I guess that thought and the sunny weather made me dance a bit.



top H&M
skirt H&M
clutch TURKISH AIRLINESScreen shot 2015-05-17 at 22.07.08


I also found another nice piece in Weil am Rhein and I hope that I can show it to you very soon. have a lovely start into the week. X




so let me start with the amazing news first: I am going to Paris on Monday early in the morning and will stay until tuesday night. for that very occasion I was shopping for a nice dress. Indeed I found one and also bought it but I absolutely didnt like the buttons. I knew I had to change them and was not so sure what kind of buttons to get. I have a huge collections of single buttons that I collect from dresses and blouses but somehow I didnt want to put different buttons on that white lace blouse dress. and then I found the right pair. here you can see the new and the old buttons, what do you think? isnt it a super nice upgrade for the dress?


I will soon tell you more details about my trip to Paris and hope to share many nice photos with you. so I was thinking what to pack for a two day trip to Paris? I decided to travel with the black jumpsuit and my chunky sandals and to wear the white lace dress with the wooden sandals for the event. also I wanna bring my brown and my black sunglasses and also the beige DKNY bag will work for both outfits. thats what I think now but lets see how it will turn out in the end 🙂 packing is not my most favorite thing to do as I always have the tendency to bring too much. thats why I am very pround of my very basic packing approach!


I also have some amazing new red/brown pants that I could wear for the way back but I am not sure with what to wear them. lets see, more infos coming soon. X



how do you like these nice pieces? I have spend the last hour strolling thru the internet shops and looking for some must have pieces for spring summer or awesome keypieces for all year around. I think I found six amazing pieces and they can be all worn in many different ways!

#1 a long blazer – everyone should have a long blazer in black as it can be worn with a simple jeans and shirt look or it can be worn over a nice dress or for a more summery look it can be worn over shorts!

#2 a grey tank top – for me this is a serious must have or key piece as it can be dressed up and down and is great for layering looks in fall/winter.

#3 a golden bag – yes we all should feel our princess gen and I totally feel mine and I love metallic clutches and bags. and like with the blazer this bag can be worn with the most elegant dress or with a cool boyfriend jeans look.

#4 a chunky necklace – that is something we should all have one as it can be worn for everyday or for a more special outfit going to the opera or having a fancy tete a tete dinner.

#5 a lace skirt – yay, already last year they came in fashion and I absolutely love the pale rose color of that very one I have found. wear it with a tucked in blouse or with a normal t-shirt with flats or heels for day time or a party night!

#6 black sandal heels – speaking of a party night everyone should have at least one pair of black heels and most importantly they should be comfortable in order to dance all night long on them. I found these awesome sandals and I would totally wear them with jeans, shorts or a dress meaning from day time casual to a hot elegant party night.

check out all the items here >>
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

and in case you need some more outfit inspiration you can have a look in my 5 year old archive – I am sure you will find something nice!


today’s outfit

yay – happy weekend – every day so many bad sad horrible things happen – and I m very sorry for all the lost lives. these moments I especially love to share something nice with you. I focus on small things and things that make the tiny difference like sending lovely letters to friends or having a nice meal with a friend. I hope you will have a wonderful weekend!

today’s fashion pick is my new colorful sequin skirt that rocks every outfit. I found it on SALE – half price so it was perfect for my January budget 😉


shirt and skirt H&M
pumps and clutch L’AUTRE CHOSE
jacket C&A


possible NYE outfit

so 2014 is coming to an end and I wanna thank you for an awesome year with isawsomethingnice.ch <3 today I am going sledding with friends and will hopefully have an awesome time on the slopes. I got up super early to enjoy the day to the fullest. keep up to date with me via my FB page where I will post photos of us snow bunnies. as soon as I will be back at home I will change and take photos of my NYE outfit.

this is one possible outfit. as I will have a lovely dinner at home I can wear something less winter-ish – at least for the dinner. in my city there is always a firework on the river and I might go and check that out – so for sure there I will consider a warmer outfit. HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends! xx


todays outfit

I found something nice – some super comfy black wool pants! as I sit a lot in front of the computer it is very important for me to wear comfortable things. so when I saw these pants I knew I had to have them. todays look is a mix bewtween elegant and casual. the heels could be easily replaced with a nice pair of flats.


pants C&A
sweater H&M
coat C&A
earrings PIECES



COLLARNECKLACES by isawsomethingnice.ch
black embossed angled fakeleather 25 CHF
via my ETSY shop



if you need a comfy fancy – semi elegant or semi casual dress than I am sure you will find something at AU JOUR LE JOUR – this italian brand rocks!


I found many gorgeous pieces via polyvore.com and can highly recommend to visit their website. www.aujourlejour.it


jewelry THE BEADSHOP Amsterdam
sunglasses C&A




Full-set 18-carat white gold case 37 mm, glareproofed sapphire crystal and case-back, screw-locked crown,water-resistantto 50 m

Diamond-pave dial, applied hour-markers and Royal Oak hands in white gold with luminescent coating, hand-sewn blue alligator leather strap with large square scales, gemset 18-carat white gold AP folding clasp

A DREAM has come true with this bijou!
when I look at this watch I hear riri sing shine bright like a diamond
yes with this watch you will shine like a diamond for sure!!

what to wear with
casual to very chic outfit

personally I dont think I would wear this watch with an elegant dress –
I think I would rather wear it with some chic pants for an elegant business look. colors which go well with are beige navy blue white grey brown

watch out! xx



BANDAGE DRESSES – a must-have for every WOMAN

As you might already know HERVÉ LÉGER is the king of bandage dresses but sadly not everyone can afford such a gorgeous dress.

The blue dress on top is €955.48 seen on net-a-porter.com

So I found this wonderful collection called HIGH PASSION and instead of spending 1200 CHF you pay 155.60 CHF for a fabulous blue bandage rayon dress – what a huge difference! check her online shop now

I show two different ways of wearing this beautiful blue bandage dress by HIGH PASSION a more elegant/sexy and casual way.

look #1

clutch FURLA (vintage)
pumps PRADA

look #2

clutch FURLA (vintage)
pumps PRADA
trenchcoat ZARA
top H&M
hat H&M

makeUp M.A.C. (Matchmaster 03 / Vex..)
styling by isawsomethingnice.ch
model JASWANT S. (scout models)

note – dont wear nylons because the dress rides up!




ladies and gentlemen – may I proudly present you my friend Zaira – she is rocking this black and white outfit! the black pants by KAVIAR GAUCHE for zalando collection are just perfect for a simple but elegant black and white look! I combined the black pants with a white dress shirt, a black blouson with black wedges boots, a small wallet instead of a bag and black leather gloves.

black pants by
KAVIAR GAUCHE for zalando collection

blouson by

blouse VIKTOR & ROLF for H&M
pants KAVIAR GAUCHE for zalando collection
boots & gloves ZARA
wallet (present from) TURKISH AIRLINES
jewelry VINTAGE
makeUP M.A.C.
(lipstick RUSSIAN RED / eyeshadow VEX / foundation MINERALIZE eyeliner BLACK TRACK)

model ZAIRA
styling by isawsomethingnice.ch