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thank you Helga Fuchs for answering all my questions regarding BODYZONE COSMETIC & SPA. It was really nice to meet you and your team.

as I was leaving for holidays I really needed a PEDICURE and the lovely Nuria Gaudard was doing an amazing job. they use the ESSIE collection and I had a hard time choosing my favorite color as there are sooo many. in the end I decided to go for the bright red called GERANIUM and I havent regreted it yet – after 10 days of holiday my toenails still look great. thank you very much and for sure I will return!

BODYZONE is working with the BIOMARIS products that already rely on 75 years of experience! as the name implies they use products from the sea. there are different lines like: BASICS – YOUNG LINE – RICH CARE CONCEPT – CLASSIC LINE – ANTI AGING LINE – BIOMARIS MED – BIOMARIS NATURE – AROMA THALASSO LINE – JONATHAN by BIOMARIS and BEAUTY COLORS – and I can not wait to be using one of these products.

here you can find all the different treatments they offer >>

stay tuned for my photos from my holiday with a shoe special where you can see my gorgeous pedicure. xx


chez L’ORÉAL

thank you L’Oreal Professionnel – it was a blast!

it was pouring cats and dogs yesterday and I was not in a summer mood at all. I was wearing tights in july and was also not amused by that fact. summer in switzerland is not what it used to be. well, anyway, I am stopping my rant about the shitty weather and start telling you how Dushka and I got into a summer mood at the L’Oreal event last night in ZH.

what a welcome! drinks, little appetizer and we were asked if we would like to have our nails done or if we want to start with the hair and check out the new tecniART Beach Waves look! we started with our nails. I choose Fierce, No Fear – a gorgeous brown that reminds me a lot of the OPI You Dont Know Jacques nailpolish. Dushka went for the Pretty Edgy an amazing green! next stop HAIR! tecniART launched a Beach Waves product and also showed different hairstyles with other tecniART products. I got a fishbraid side updo/knot and I luv it!

I will soon get back to you and introduce all the products but let me use them a bit first! stay tuned. xx



“la vita e bella” – red rosa and pink color and pattern mix – from the photoshoot with Zaira P. – it was a blast to work with you! xx

she is wearing

shirt H&M
pants PRADA
jewelry VINTAGE
nailpolish ESSIE (geranium)
makeUP M.A.C.


“me and my polka dot friends”

a look from yesterdays photoshoot with Zaira. a simple but elegant way of wearing black and offwhite together with red lips! you rock it gorgeous!

she is wearing

blazer VINTAGE (fleamarket Petersplatz)
boots MAX shoes
nailpolish ESSIE (geranium)
MakeUP M.A.C.
jewelry VINTAGE


– my NINO BOLLAG look

– my NINO BOLLAG look –

black blouse NINO BOLLAG
printed blouse NINO BOLLAG
clutch VINTAGE
earrings H&M
sunglasses RAY BAN
nailpolish ESSIE
makeUP M.A.C.

photos taken by Cristian O.