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thank you Helga Fuchs for answering all my questions regarding BODYZONE COSMETIC & SPA. It was really nice to meet you and your team.

as I was leaving for holidays I really needed a PEDICURE and the lovely Nuria Gaudard was doing an amazing job. they use the ESSIE collection and I had a hard time choosing my favorite color as there are sooo many. in the end I decided to go for the bright red called GERANIUM and I havent regreted it yet – after 10 days of holiday my toenails still look great. thank you very much and for sure I will return!

BODYZONE is working with the BIOMARIS products that already rely on 75 years of experience! as the name implies they use products from the sea. there are different lines like: BASICS – YOUNG LINE – RICH CARE CONCEPT – CLASSIC LINE – ANTI AGING LINE – BIOMARIS MED – BIOMARIS NATURE – AROMA THALASSO LINE – JONATHAN by BIOMARIS and BEAUTY COLORS – and I can not wait to be using one of these products.

here you can find all the different treatments they offer >>

stay tuned for my photos from my holiday with a shoe special where you can see my gorgeous pedicure. xx



these are my favourite products!

do something good for your hard working feet!
either I use them before and after a party – like the “SCHOLL Blister Protection” the “SCHOLL Crystal Ice Spray” and “THE BODY SHOP Cooling Peppermint Foot Lotion” especially after a night out dancing in heels I really feel like treating my feet with something good!

on a grey sunday like today pamper yout feet with the “LUSH volcano feet mask” and then rub them with the “LUSH lemony flutter cream”. enjoy!

SUNDAY is my pampering day! xx

photo taken by Demian Bichsel