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impressions from BASELWORLD 2015

it is that time of the year again where Basel becomes super fancy, international and glamourous it is the time to see beautiful watches and sparkling jewelry! it is BASELWORLD 2015!

I saw this girl every morning since the very start of the fair and she always holds the Louis Vuitton sign and stands in front of the fair – after the third day I said hi so in case you see this I hope you like the photo I took of you.

spring is here! so many gorgeous flowers were arranged for the BASELWORLD fair. I love these flowers that you can see in the photo below. are those peonies?

and like every year here are the ladies in black and white that provide information. I asked them whether the dresses are comfortable and they said yes – thats nice! I heard that they are very happy to not wear the hat, like they had to, in the year before. 🙂

and then I fell in love with those red shoes designed by Christian Louboutin and Swarovski. read more about the shoes here << 

and now I wanna show you some nice photos how certain brands showed their watches at the BASELWORLD fair.

I really hope you liked my BASELWORLD 2015 impressions. have a lovely day! X