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this is what I have found at #hm – and I already had my eyes on all those things BUT I was sure they all end up in SALE and they did!

sequin skirt 25 instead of 49.90 CHF
gem skirt 25 instead of 49.90 CHF
blouse 25 instead of 49.90 CHF
rose cardigan 30 instead of 79.90 CHF
black coat 30 instead of 79.90 CHF

I took pictures of all the items and created some very nice outfits! soon on the blog! have a great morning and a happy day!



aaawww… soo beautiful !!! I am in love with these MAWI clutches and I can not decide which one to get… any advice?


I was strolling thru zalando.ch and discovered these MAWI treasuries

It might be the perfect accessories for my outfits for London FashionWeek – I am getting ready for take-off!

Will you be in London during February 13 and February 18, 2014?
Are u going to #LFW? Do you already know what you are going to wear?

leave me a message and lets meet up in London and have a tea! xx


GAT RIMON for LaRedoute

GAT RIMON for LaRedoute

glitter glitter more glitter…!
aaww.. GAT RIMON is showing such amazing pieces for LaRedoute
the white knitted cardigan, the loose silky top, the sheer printed summer pants and the most beautiful of all the printed glittery sequin pencil skirt.

see more here LaRedoute

for my bloggers contest outfit I choose the white cardigan. stay tuned for my look. xx


G O L D & B L A C K

G O L D  &  B L A C K  –
a simple way to dress up!

are you atteding a party or do you need an outfit for a glamorous moment?
you can not go wrong with mixing black and gold or other metalic shades like copper silver.. to make this outfit more edgy I chose a rather chunky necklace. The great thing about these kind of outfits is that you can wear them all year around. In summer with sunglasses and in fall and spring with a cardigan and black blazer or leatherjacket and in winter with a black woolcoat! enjoy mixing!


dress H&M
necklace CAMAIEU
sunglasses FENDI
makeUp M.A.C.

photos taken by Jaswant S.