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are you ready for the holidays

so many things to take care of. it is the busiest time of the year and lots of stress is involved. inviting your friends and family, organizing presents, cleaning the house, booking flights or what ever else we have to do before christmas and new years eve. this year I am quiet organized and I already have almost all the presents – have you seen my wishlist yet?

today I wanna share an italian tradition with you which involves red lingerie! I have found this lovely bra and panty at MANOR in basel (bra 39.90 CHF / panty 19.90 CHF) and I can not wait to wear it for new years eve! the bra is really nicely cut with a slight pushup effect – perfect for a sexy cleavage. there is also a slip and tanga but I am a panty lover and I liked the design of the panty best.

so what do the italians do on december 31? they make sure to wear red lingerie. red is the color of good luck and fortune. by wearing red lingerie they make sure the luck is on their side and to get rid of negative energy. it is also very common to give red lingerie as a present and this will bring lots of good luck to the reciver and will protect him from evil in the year ahead. I think this tradition is really sweet and I also read about other funny traditions like throwing your kitchen ware out of the window 🙂 read more here <<

so I already got my red lingerie. what about you? what is your special tradition for the holidays?




are you ready for fall/winter? C&A has a really nice fall/winter collection and I found 2 amazing coats that will make the cold days a bit warmer for me! both of the coats I found at the CLOCKHOUSE section in Basel. so now here comes the part where you are involved! YOU CAN WIN a 100 CHF C&A giftcard!

all you need to do is go to my FB page and hit like and join the GIVEAWAY via my FB page. of course it will not hurt to share my BLOG among your friends 🙂 and the second thing is you need to live in SWITZERLAND as the giftcard is only valid in Switzerland. as simple as that! I will choose a winner via rafflecopter.com so its 100% fair!



as I am a very curious person I would love to know what you would buy with the 100 CHF and I hope the winner is going to share his C&A haul!

START     26.08.2014
END         09.09.2014

http://tinyurl.com/nbxjf8u GIVE AWAY GAME