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via parfumerie24.ch

as some of you may already know I am also blogging for parfumerie24.ch where I review a product every week. I am a huge fan of the TOTALLY BAKED hair styling mousse.

the german reading followers can find a lot of information about the product here >> http://blog.parfumerie24.ch/2014/09/11/i-am-totally-baked

I use this after I washed my hair and I apply it from the mid lengths to the ends and I seperate different pieces and try to form curls – then I either let them dry naturally or I blowdry my hair and wow! it gives me BIG hair and I dont have to wash my hair for at least three days! whenever I go somewhere where I can not wash my hair easily then I will make sure to use this product before my trip!



thank you for letting me try the Kérastase DISCIPLINE treatment at KEN&SEM in Basel. It was a blast! I have already introduced the new line – click here to read more >>

so what did they do?

they wash my hair with the Bain Fluidealiste 250ml/ 29 CHF then they put the MASKERATINE treatment. section by section they add the product from the roots to the ends – then they blowdry it and afterwards they take a flat iron (180°C) to lock the product in the hair. then they wash the MASKERATINE out and add the Soin N2 – blow dry again and style my hair with the Fluidissime 150ml/ 39 CHF – DONE!

so I really felt a difference in my hair structure, it was somehow more even and less frizzy. I LIKE! 


MATRIX design pulse

design pulse

for the last couple of weeks I have been trying out these MATRIX design pulse hair products.

Express Blowout Creme, for fast drying and silky smooth finish. it helps protect from high temperature styling tools. apply to clean, damp hair.

I can directly compare this product to the Elnett de Luxe 230° C style spray and I think they are really alike. both help to protect from high temperature styling and both help straightening the hair and they also both smell good. packagingwise I prefere the MATRIX tube but I really dont like the design of the design pulse line, its too bold and too black for me.

Anti Humidity Hairspray that locks in smooth and controls frizz in any weather. 24 hours humidity resistance and hold.

my hair is naturally wavy with straight parts, ever since I have started to dye my hair I really got frizzy roots and this spray is a holy grail, it really controls my frizzy hair! its a light texture spray that is not making your hair look dry or hard. I love it! thanks MATRIX, this is my favorite product out of the design pulse line!

Instant Dry Shampoo, that refreshes the hair and absorby oil for a cool second day look.

I dont really like to wash my hair too often and therefore I am a big fan of dry shampoos in general. I already tried many and I can directly compare this MATRIX dry shampoo to the label M dry shampoo I was using before. they both do a great job when it comes to absorbing the oil but I prefer the smell of the label M product.

available in Basel:

Steinenvorstadt 25
CH – 4051 Basel

Parallele Coiffure
Steinenvorstadt 79
4051 Basel

Have you tried the MATRIX design pulse products?