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I did it and I am 100% convinced and ready to do it again! I am talking about the Kerasilk Keratin Treatment and it took some time but it was totally worth it. how did it work?

step 1: hairwash with the purifying KS shampoo
step 2: blowdry hair 80%
step 3: Kerasilk Keratin treatment
step 4: blowdry 100%
step 5: iron 200° C with flattening iron
step 6: hairwash with the ultra rich keratin care
step 7: KS serum
step 8: blowdry 100% and styling

my hair feels amazing, almost like silk. the kerasilk keratin treatment made my hair stronger, more relaxed and less frizzy. It lasts up to 5 months and is not cheap! (250/350/450CHF) there are also products for after the treatment and I got the KS ultra rich keratin care shampoo, KS ultra rich keratin daily intense mask, KS ultra rich keratin care deep smoothing mask – and these products are mindblowing! I stopped using all my other shampoos and am absolutely enjoying the smell and result of these new buggers. thank you Stefanie and team, you changed my hairworld! she is actually working with the ROLLAND products but for the Kerasilk Keratin treatment she made an exception. I am a huge fan of the ROLLAND philosophy with their sustainable glass containers and refill strategies and not only that the products look amazing in the bathroom!