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OUTFIT INSPIRATION via isawsomethingnice​

something that makes me really happy is to arrange and put together different outfits for different occasion and when I started the blog in 2010 I
found a way to share my inspirations with you guys and thats super

you can find outfit inspirations from the last five years: 2011 2012 2013 2014 and 2015


every day is a new inspiration for me! I love to mix one color in
different shades, I love to mix different patterns, I love to mix
elegant with sporty accessories – I think it is rather difficult to
describe my style.


I will start organizing my spring summer wardrobe and will be moving my
winter clothes to the back of the closet – YAY! I was waiting the last 6
months for that moment and it is the same every year – I just can not
help: I am a summer person! <3



today is fasnachts tuesday also called kids fasnacht and to be very honest I am super excited that fasnacht is over tomorrow. I live in the city center and therefore I hear the piccolo day and night 🙁 if there were just drummers it would be a totally different story.

so let me get back to my question: cats or hats? the internet is full of funny cute cat pictures and I am sure that you could look at different pictures for months and you would not have been able to see them all 🙂 I am a hat person and I can not get enough hats. my most favorite hat is swiss-made by RISA and I could easily wear it every day.

Elvire Thouvenot-Nitzan made this lovely illustration for the blog and unfortunately I can not link you to her page as she has none but in case you are interested please contact me and I will forward your messages to her or write her a direct email to elvire (at) bluewin.ch for inquiries.


instead of a funny cat I wanna show you another hat outfit wearing my lovely beige C&A hat, besides that I am wearing my lovely skirt from le MOUTON a 5 PATTES – my beloved Vintage FENDI bag – my suede booties from NAVYBOOT – my Vintage BALLY jacket and my H&M gloves and shirt!



I hope you had an amazing weekend and were able to start a fresh week 🙂 as I have already announced I found some cool things at the #hm SALE and that I will be showing you variations of outfits with those new pieces. I am so happy with all the pieces especially the black coat and the oversized white blouse.

today I wanna focus on white blouses or shirts however you wanna call them. in my point of view it is one of the key pieces of one’s wardrobe as it can be worn in so many different ways and styles. as I am quite new to wearing black and white looks I wanted to create another one! black and white outfits are very easy assembled and make a big impression. white blouses can be worn with jeans for a rather casual look or with a pattern skirt for a bit more sophisticated fashion look or with black pants for a nice and elegant touch.


blouse and coat H&M (SALE)
hat H&M
clutch MIUMIU



I can not get enough of it!

so far I have been wearing my burgundy “H&M” hat and my beige/red “JUICY COUTURE” hat in september and oktober and in that sense I am really looking forward to fall/winter season 🙂

your outfit will look more complete you dont have to worry about your hair and you wont need an umbrella – these are only few advantages of wearing a hat and I guess there are a gazillion reasons more to wear your fedora, bowler, homburg, tryolean, cowboy or porkpie!

ladies wear your hats with style! xx



so after a couple of very nice warm spring days in basel, we are back to november weather – again. brrr!!!

seriously. the only good thing about it is that I can show you these amazing hats by SILVANA OST. I totally forgot to upload these photos. my mom took the pictures with her iphone at the fair in basel and told me about this awesome fashion label. so here we go – more info – here –