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pimping the pots - DIY


finally spring is here and this is the time to start decorating your balcony. like last year I also grow tomatoes this year and somehow I was not so satisfied with the regular plant pots that I have found. thats when I had the DIY idea to make my own pots, or lets say the idea for pimping the pots.pimping the pots - DIY

lets see what we are going to need for this PIMPING THE POTS DIY:
  • pots KALASA (I found them via IKEA, small 14.95 CHF / large 19.95)
  • rope (I found it at JUMBO)
  • scissors
  • clear tape
its very very simple and easy to find all of these things. and in case you dont like the white pots you can spray paint them before starting the pimping DIY. I love white and therefore I leave them the way they are.
step one:

pimping the pots - DIY

take your pot and ropes and place them on a table or floor. then I wrapped the rope twice around the pot and made sure to have enough rope left to tie the knot.

pimping the pots - DIY

step two:

pimping the pots - DIY
cut the rope with your scissors and seal the ends like in the photo above. this will prevent the rope from opening and will make the knot look a lot neater.
step three:
pimping the pots - DIY
tie a sailor knot like in the photo above. start with a normal knot and then do the opposite to the ends. this will create such a lovely result on your simple white pots, voila, thats it!

pimping the pots - DIY

I absolutely love the result of this pimping the pots DIY. I continued these steps and made four pots for the balcony. that was a very easy DO IT YOURSELF and I am curious to know if you like it, so please comment below and in case you are doing this too please share your photos with me via my social media channels. I always love to hear from you. X
final result:

pimping the pots - DIY pimping the pots - DIY pimping the pots - DIY




ouff, it is monday night – two days after my birthday and I am processing all the joy and love from my party. it was an epic night – one to remember and keep close to the heart. again thank you to all my lovely friends for making it happen. thanks for all the gorgeous flowers and thanks for the delicious chocolate and olive oil. I got so many cool things, some of them are worth to blog about because I have never seen such things. stay tuned for more info.


now back to the HOME SWEET HOME topic, because today I wanna show you the small transformation of our guest room. we are not completely done – it will be a step by step change. so far I have flipped the black DRĂ–NA boxes by IKEA that are actually ment to be put in the IKEA shelf with the squares, I forgot the name of it and I used the black big binder paper clips to stack and secure them.


once you have built your desired shelf with the boxes and clips it is time to decorate the top.I am a big fan of WOHNREVUE and a stack of magazines always looks good. next to the magazines I put the new HOMMAGE d’ipuro ST ANTOINE candle and the ipuro season line diffuser in WHITE ORCHID. mhhmm, they are both super nice and together even better – scents are such a personal thing and
everyone has a different approach so just visit the next shop like DEPOT or MANOR and see for yourself which scents you like. next to the candle and diffuser I put the two MOLESKINE books one for travel and one for fashion. our future plan is to build two shelfes for all our electronic devices, office and creative stuff like folders, paint and other materials. I will soon show you the other side of the room with the new couch, that can be extended to a bed. we just had guests from poland and they said they liked to sleep on it. above the couch there is the world map with the pins – something that I have already shared with you – read more here >>