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that’s essential to my winter wardrobe! I live in freezing Switzerland and I can really wear my cashmere cardigans, coats and sweaters!

I think we should all have one or two cashmere basics like a nice navy v-neck sweater or a beige roundneck cardigan. I get my basics from either C&A – yes you read this correctly πŸ™‚ I got 2 super awesome roundneck cardigans – a navy one and a beige one – or I get them from the PARENTIS showroom in Basel (seasonal sale 2x a year – s/s and a/w)

so certain days when it is raining cats and dogs or just a foggy day I like to endulge myself in my cosy soft cashmere sweaters, coats, scarves and cardigans – they make me feel as if I had not left my bed πŸ™‚



here you can see some ideas of how I wear my Cashmere Basics – either very casual or a bit more edgy elegant. thats the best thing about fashion – there are so many options and so many different ways to wear the same thing! I love to play with different materials, colors and patterns and often I love to stay in the same colors and wear different shades of the same color.