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as every year I wanna show you some awesome sun products – today we lay the focus on APRES SOILEIL by LANCASTER and their collection is called TAN MAXIMIZER. the one above is for the face and can be applied directly after tanning. it moisturizes the sunkissed skin and helps to achieve an even nice tan. the one below is for the body and I feel that this one has a bit of a cooling effect, a very light one though. IMG_4029the one below is a really cooling one and so far I have only used the spray on my legs, but I am looking forward to spraying my entire body after a long hot day in the sun with this cooling mist. IMG_4040
and then there is something nice for the whole day – a summer fragrance by LANCASTER and it totally smells like summer holiday – SOLE DI CAPRI. awww, CPARI is on my MUST SEE list..IMG_4045
in case you need more information about the products you can find lots of interesting facts here >> Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 10.07.17




aaww.. these products are amazing! they all do their one certain job very perfectly. something against the sun – something for a nice self tan without being exposed to the sun – another nice product that makes you look like you have spent the weekend in the sun with a couple of moves – a CC cream to protect the hair and a super nice soothing cooling aloe gel for the face after a day in the sun!

I am soon packing my bags for my roadtrip to ITALY and for sure I am going to bring these!



Clinique has spoilt me by sending me these gorgeous new chubby sticks for lips and eyes. it all arrived yesterday and I couldnt hold back. I had to try them! I have used the 14 grandest gold as a base allover my lid. I put 02 lots o’ latte in the crease and 13 two ton teal on the outer V of the eye. It blends very easy and I was able to apply the complete eyelook without any brushes! I am really happy with these chubby sticks for the eyes as applying makeup can hardly get any easier 🙂


eyelash curler THE BODY SHOP
foundation LANCOME teint miracle
sunscreen LANCASTER SPF 50
blush M.A.C alluring aquatic collection (see me hear me)
eyeshadow CLINIQUE chubby stick shadow tint for eyes
(14 grandest gold 02 lots o’ latte 13 two ton teal)
lips CLINIQUE chubby stick 20 jumbo jasmine

CHF 29.- available at MANOR, GLOBUS and DOUGLAS

Have you tried the new Clinique Chubby Sticks yet?



After enjoying the new LANCASTER sun control products I just felt like trying these new self tanners aswell. They come in two different shades #light and #medium – so as I am quiet pale I started with the #light Self Tan Beauty for face and the one for body and face.

#light “a week end in CAPRI”
#medium “a week in IBIZA”

I recommend to exfoliate the skin in order to prepare it for the self tanning product. like this you get rid of any excess of dry skin and the tan will last longer and more radiant.

so far I really like the result. I applied it 2 a week and I dont see any streaks. I will continue to use the light Self Tan Beauty and maybe then switch to the medium.

have you tried the new Lancaster Self Tan Beauty products?


SPRING & SUMMER skin care

the sun is out and thats the time where we should think about SPF – do you use SPF? I can highly recommend to do so. the sun is very powerful and can cause serious damage to your skin.. yeah, I know.. I am sure you have heard that somewhere before 🙂 anyway, I want to show you what I use at the moment in order to keep my skin protected from UV A and UV B rays.

LANCASTER Sun Control Fluid SPF 50
Thats what I start with, thats my base in spring and summer. It is a very light fluid and very easy to apply all over my face and neck. I already introduced this product here >>

CLINIQUE superdefense SPF 20
As a second step I use my daily moisturizer. It already has an average SPF but not enough for my sensitive skin and my couperose parts on my cheeks. here you can read my opinion about the Clinique Superdefense – I did a test with Jaswant and we are both still using them.  >>

I think this is enough coverage for me in spring and summer. Its perfect to even out my skintone and leaves a nice glow. read more about this CC Cream here >>

so after these steps I curl my eyelashes, I apply Bronzer and lipstick and I am ready for the day!

whats your skin care routine? do you use SPF? what products do you use?


LANCASTER sun control

SPF 50 yes, I am not kidding. We all have to be careful with our skin! Some of you may say: but then you will not get tanned.. hmm, I will get my tan for sure, also with SPF 50, but I will also make sure that my skin still looks lovely when I am 40+

Lancaster was so nice to let me try these new SUN CONTROL products – thank you so much! so let me introduce the new LANCASTER sun control collection with infrared technology and DNA expert:

#Anti-Wrinkles & Dark Spots Sun Sensitive Skin Radiant Glow Cream SPF50+

#Anti-Ageing & Dark Spots Sun Sensitive Skin Uniform Tan Milk SPF50

#Anti-Wrinkles & Dark Spots Sun Sensitive Skin Radiant Glow Fluid SPF50

this weekend was the first time I have used these products as it finally was sunny again in Basel, Switzerland. On Saturday and Sunday I applied the  #Anti-Ageing & Dark Spots Sun Sensitive Skin Uniform Tan Milk SPF50 to my arms and legs. It smells soooo good! Since years I am using the LANCASTER sun products and I m so attached to its smell. when I smell my skin it brings back my summerholiday memories from sunny California or beautiful Barcelona. It just instantly brings me into a happy summermood! my skin is very pale compared to how tanned I am in summer so I am thinking about trying the LANCASTER self tanning products. I will keep you updated about that. 🙂 so now back to the SUN CONTROL products. On Saturday I applied the #Anti-Wrinkles & Dark Spots Sun Sensitive Skin Radiant Glow Cream SPF50+ to my face and neck – the skin absorbs the cream really fast and it leaves a beautiful glow. Yesterday, Saturday I used the #Anti-Wrinkles & Dark Spots Sun Sensitive Skin Radiant Glow Fluid SPF50 allover my face and neck – and this will be my go-to Sun Screen for this Spring/Summer. I love the texture, its light and easy to apply under my foundation or BB Cream. As soon as my face is a bit tanned I dont wear foundation too often. I prefer to wear something lighter like a BB or CC Cream or sometimes I just use a bit of Bronzer and thats it! So I have to say that I am really happy with the results of these products. my favorites are the #Anti-Ageing & Dark Spots Sun Sensitive Skin Uniform Tan Milk SPF50 and #Anti-Wrinkles & Dark Spots Sun Sensitive Skin Radiant Glow Fluid SPF50 – I would definitely repurchase these two products!

tips and tricks!
I prefer to apply the sunscreen (body) before I get dressed, like this I make sure that none of the products gets on my clothes and I am also sure that the Sunscreen got absorbed by my skin before exposed to sunlight. I apply the Sunscreen (face) before my moisturizer. I read an interresting article on howstuffworks (link) and I came to the conclusion that it actually doesnt matter in which order you apply the moisturizer and sunscreen, as long as you use both.

What do you think?
Have you tried the LANCASTER sun Control Products?