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C&A summer fashion festival ZH

getting ready for tonight

dresscode: BOHEMIAN – thats a direction of look that I really like either for summer or for fall. today is definitely NOT the perfect summer day but at least its not raining. so right now I am trying to put together an outfit with a bohemian touch. I found a fancy green aztec skirt at C&A that I might wear with boots and a hat. although for me a bohemian summer look has to be a maxidress with sandals, flowers in the hair and golden jewelry – thats it. BUT tonight its going to be 10 to 13 degrees C and I will be freezing in my summer outfit – thats why I will probably go for a rather warm looking bohemian summer outfit. anyway. I am really excited to see the new summer collection and enjoy the music, drinks and snacks! of course I will bring my camera in order to report everything for you guys. stay tuned! xx