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NAVY is my black!


these are my two favorite pieces from yesterdays FASHIONFISH outlet shopping haul. I was invited to the bloggersevent where we got 400 CHF shoppingvoucher to spend in 1 ½ hour and our outfit had to fit the motto: colorful autumn! at fashionfish outlet you have many different shops: Guess, Bally, Navyboot, Corso Italia, Lacoste, BlackOut, Skinny, Modekeller.. and many more! I found these two navy key pieces and formed a rather light fall outfit with a minty silk tunic, a mint Marc Picard bag and a fury collar.

NAVYBOOT City Boots 149 CHF
LIU JO Downjacket 100 CHF

and I also got a

MARC PICARD mint bag 16 CHF
ALYSI mint embroidered silk tunic 55 CHF
MODEKELLER fakefur collar 10 CHF
BLACKOUT white/gold earrings 9.90 CHF
GERRY WEBER grey cashmere pullover 49 CHF
SKINNY nude panties 12 CHF

I can not help it but I love to wear navy – so I was not surprised to see that two of my items where navy. you can never go wrong with wearing jeans these navy boots and the rest doesnt event matter anymore as you are already dressed 🙂 the same with the downjacket by LIU JO – this piece will be so precious in winter. because here in switzerland it can get really really cold. I am going to wear this jacket now in fall and later on I will layer it underneath my navy wool coat by ESPRIT (something new that I will show you soon)