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thank you very much for sending this lovely DREAM BAG. wow lots of nice things – vouchers – beauty products and samples 🙂 I already had some of the products but it is never bad to have a backup, right? and it also means I love the products!

for the ones among you that are not familiar with dream bag, you can read more here: https://dreambag.ch



what do you use to protect your hair? I have so far tried many different products. they are not bad but unfortunately none of them makes me really happy. I often use the heat protection product on dry hair and this makes it not always easy to get the product evenly thru the hair. another problem I have is that these products weight down my hair and make them look flat. I either use the hairdrier or the straightening iron to make wavy or straight hair. I can not say that I dont like the products above its just that they could do more for me than they do. but let me tell you some positive things. because some of these products have an amazing fragrance and they do protect my hair against the heat. my favorite one is at the moment the newest product the MYTHIC OIL and I will have to use it a bit more in order to be able to really compare it to the other ones.

L’OREAL professionnel Mythic Oil NEW!

I am curious what you use. please let me know. and comemnt below.




in 3 simple steps!

what do you need for that? the L’Oreal Professionnel Wild Stylers techniART kit with the comb and the net and lots of bobby pins.

step one – wet your hair a tiny bit and separate different sections
spray the product on each section of the hair.
step two – roll the sections up to little rolls and pin them to your head.
step three – put on the net and blow dry your hair

you will have amazingly big beach wavy hair after these three simple steps. it took me about 20 minutes to do it and I am really happy with the result.


chez L’ORÉAL

thank you L’Oreal Professionnel – it was a blast!

it was pouring cats and dogs yesterday and I was not in a summer mood at all. I was wearing tights in july and was also not amused by that fact. summer in switzerland is not what it used to be. well, anyway, I am stopping my rant about the shitty weather and start telling you how Dushka and I got into a summer mood at the L’Oreal event last night in ZH.

what a welcome! drinks, little appetizer and we were asked if we would like to have our nails done or if we want to start with the hair and check out the new tecniART Beach Waves look! we started with our nails. I choose Fierce, No Fear – a gorgeous brown that reminds me a lot of the OPI You Dont Know Jacques nailpolish. Dushka went for the Pretty Edgy an amazing green! next stop HAIR! tecniART launched a Beach Waves product and also showed different hairstyles with other tecniART products. I got a fishbraid side updo/knot and I luv it!

I will soon get back to you and introduce all the products but let me use them a bit first! stay tuned. xx