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lets focus on small things today. something I cary with me all the time is the ruled pages pad by navadesign. such a convenient piece as it is very handy and light and it fits in every purse and it even fits in my wallet. HAPPY MONDAY – have a wonderful day! more info about the cool note pads here: navadesign.com



it was the BLICKFANG weekend in Basel and I had a good time strolling around looking for nice things to share with you among my blog. I saw a lot, a lot of nice and rather not so nice things, a lot of jewelry, clothes and furniture. At the exit I was asked to write an article for WOHNREVUE about the Blickfang visit. I did it – you can read my article here: http://blog.wohnrevue.ch/journal/2014/5/11/leserreporter-lea-blickfang.html

I liked this BLOG & WIN idea by WOHNREVUE and hopefull I will be one of the lucky winners. lets see, fingers crossed!

so what I am doing right now, I am going thru all my photos taken at Blickfang and will show you my 3 favorite things. stay tuned! xx



Collarnecklaces by isawsomethingnice.ch

black pointed felt collarnecklace with round mini studs
45 CHF (exclusive freightcosts)