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so let me start with the amazing news first: I am going to Paris on Monday early in the morning and will stay until tuesday night. for that very occasion I was shopping for a nice dress. Indeed I found one and also bought it but I absolutely didnt like the buttons. I knew I had to change them and was not so sure what kind of buttons to get. I have a huge collections of single buttons that I collect from dresses and blouses but somehow I didnt want to put different buttons on that white lace blouse dress. and then I found the right pair. here you can see the new and the old buttons, what do you think? isnt it a super nice upgrade for the dress?


I will soon tell you more details about my trip to Paris and hope to share many nice photos with you. so I was thinking what to pack for a two day trip to Paris? I decided to travel with the black jumpsuit and my chunky sandals and to wear the white lace dress with the wooden sandals for the event. also I wanna bring my brown and my black sunglasses and also the beige DKNY bag will work for both outfits. thats what I think now but lets see how it will turn out in the end 🙂 packing is not my most favorite thing to do as I always have the tendency to bring too much. thats why I am very pround of my very basic packing approach!


I also have some amazing new red/brown pants that I could wear for the way back but I am not sure with what to wear them. lets see, more infos coming soon. X



something new I am in love with! a couple of weeks ago I found these cute bath scents at the MUELLER store and was intrigued by the low price BUT nevertheless I ended up buying two packs and I already went back to get more!

two things that I absolutely love about them A is the nice natural scent and B is the super low price 1.50 CHF – that’s a bargain!

I have so far tried these three scents RUHEPAUSE – HONEY ALMOND – COTTON FLOWER and I already got a next one: FIGS!

so my awesome readers that was it for today and don’t forget to be nice and spread the word about nice things! HAPPY MONDAY! x


it must be MONDAY!

as yesterday was sunday 🙂 let’s start a new week and hopefully I can show you many nice things. I had a tiny outfit shooting on saturday but it started to snow heavily and you can really see that in the photos. now I am trying to select the best and upload them ASAP. but first I wanna answer some questions!

#how many lipsticks do I own?

phew – tough call, hmm, I must guess as I don’t know it by heart. maybe around 50 lipsticks. for the ones who think I am crazy please don’t judge. You don’t know me and when I tell you that in Switzerland two drinks at a bar make one new maccosmetics lipstick you maybe wouldn’t believe me. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages and that’s a way to save lots of money!! 🙂

#my favorite accessories?

It must be shoes – I looooove shoes in all varieties – heels and flats – sandals and sneakers – boots and clogs! I will always find a way to wear a pair of fancy shoes.

#what phone do I use?

well since very short time I am using a new phone and ditched my old iPhone S4 for this lovely SONY Xperia phone with an awesome camera. that is super important for my everyday life as a blogger. I also got the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha but it is too light for me and I always feel like I am dropping it.

did you see my new hat? it’s by RISA a swiss hat manufacturer that I have visited before christmas together with heidi.com I got the chance to see how they make hats and am now a proud owner of my own RISA hat – yay! there will be an outfit post where I am wearing this cool navy wool hat. stay tuned!


so – I wish you an awesome monday and don’t forget to browse through my archive and see something nice!



…and how I spend my sunday afternoon

I wanna present you my lovely grey bag called BOMBATA. it fits my ipad or it could also fit a laptop and thats what it is actually meant to be for – a business bag. BUT of course I wouldnt like a bag only for one purpose so I decided to make the BOMBATA business bag a bit more fashion 🙂 by wearing it like a normal bag.

I wore my grey BOMBATA yesterday and I have spent such a lovely afternoon in the sun at KABAR in Basel. sooo wonderful that October brings such nice weather! and did you spot my big watch? isnt it a super nice piece? Its made and designed by ADVOLAT a swiss watch brand based in Basel. I will soon show you the whole outfit. stay tuned. xx


dress H&M
sneakers NIKE FREE


looking classy and sassy!


my princess gene made me have these gorgeous MIU MIU ballerinas! they work with everything – from a simple black dress to a casual jeans t-shirt blazer look. especially on a monday morning like today I can need some bling bling to rock my day!




Miuccia is the master of bling bling shoes – MIU MIU has so many different variations from sneakers, slippers and heels to ballerinas.